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Tom Francis looking for Heat Signature composer and artist

Tom Francis, best known as the developer of the indie hit #Gunpoint, has taken his latest game Heat Signature far enough into #development to start fleshing out the aesthetics. Simplistic placeholder graphics will only get him so far when trying to hype his game, so he is now on the hunt for an artist and a composer to help do it justice.

When we last saw Heat Signature, it looked like a concept in search of ideas more than anything, but a new video shows how far he has come. The agent leaping from randomized ship to randomized ship now has computers to hack, turrets to fire, and most importantly objectives to complete based on his class. Thieves are tasked with finding an item aboard a random ship and assassins do what assassins do and kill specific people.

Of course, the method of going about these missions is entirely up to you. Assassins can use their stealthy little ship to sneak aboard and kill officers individually, or they can hijack a bigger ship to blow their target into the cold depths of space with homing missiles. Thieves have a more challenging job of sneaking aboard, avoiding guards, taking the object and fleeing.

Francis does a much better job of explaining his game in the video, and based on his work with Gunpoint, we’re more than excited to see how his sophomore project unveils. Let’s hope he can find some talented people to breathe some more life into his creation.


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