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Tomb Towers puzzle platformer coming soon

Tomb Towers puzzle platformer coming soon to linux mac windows games

Tomb Towers is a charming puzzle platformer coming to Linux, Mac and Windows. Since indie developer Mosaique Games is eager to announce the Early Access launch of their debut game, Tomb Towers. Due to arrive on Steam on May 10, 2018.

To celebrate its announcement and upcoming launch, Mosaique Games has released a standalone demo. Also available on the game’s website for Linux, Windows and Mac.
The demo features 8 levels exclusive to this early sneak peek. Do you have what it takes to ascend the tower? Now’s your chance to find out!

Linux release:

Tomb Towers uses Unity Engine.
I’ve just finished Mac port and Linux is next. If everything goes smoothly, there will be a port ready before release. Otherwise, it will be during Early Access at least.

Tomb Towers now has a Linux port on Steam.”

Since Tomb Towers will be making a debut on Early Access. This could prove to be a solid but challenging platformer. Definitely worth looking into.

Linux Demo

Drawing inspiration from retro, home computer classics of the MSX era. Since Tomb Towers is a puzzle platformer that embraces the nostalgia. This also includes the warmth, familiarity and simplicity. So all of this is channelled into a rush to jump, push, solve puzzles and open doors on a quest to take down an ancient evil. You have to quick about it. But can you do it?

Tomb Towers – puzzle platformer Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

The Kingdom has been filled with monsters and skeletons. No thanks to the evil necromancer.
Since you are a nameless soldier and have taken it upon yourself to pursue him. While facing off in his own tower. Simply to capture and present him to the king. It won’t be easy, though. The necromancer has prepared for intruders…

  • Nostalgic gameplay experience
  • Pixel-art style reminiscent of MSX-era games
  • 45+ main levels to challenge your puzzle-solving and timing skills
  • 15 unlockable levels offering more difficult puzzles and gameplay mechanics
  • Colourful enemies with unique behaviours and special contraptions to help you traverse levels

Coming to Steam:

Tomb Towers will be available on Steam May 10, 2018 for $4.99 USD on Linux, Windows and Mac.