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Tomb Towers Puzzle Platformer on Steam

tomb towers puzzle platformer on steam in linux mac windows games

Tomb Towers the puzzle platforming releases on Steam Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows.

Since eveloper Mosaique Games is eager to launch its debut game, Tomb Towers. While embracing the puzzle platformer gameplay of retro, home computer classics.

Tomb Towers features a complete campaign of over 45 challenging levels. And also promises to continue expanding on these over the coming months.

Among the new features planned to release over the course of Early Access. Mosaique Games will be adding leaderboards, additional costumes, a whole host of new Nightmare levels. And also a series of Challenges that will put even the most experienced gamers’ puzzle-solving skills to the test.

So this ranges from Sudden Death, where players ascend the tower as high as possible with only a single life. Time Attack, in which they’ll be completing puzzles and tower floors. While competing against a constantly ticking clock bearing down on them.

Mosaique intends to continue offering players new ways to challenge themselves. Even after the evil necromancer has been eliminated.

Play the Demo for yourself on Linux, Mac and Windows

Tomb Towers Puzzle Platformer Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Wearing its nostalgia for old-school gaming on its armour-clad sleeves. Tomb Towers is also a love-letter to the MSX era of games. From its bright colour palette and cheerful sprite animation. To devious puzzles and pixel-perfect platforming.

So Mosaique Games seeks to recreate this bygone era from gaming’s history books. Sharing it with a brand new generation.
Do you have what it takes to jump, push, solve puzzles and open doors on a quest to take down an ancient evil?

The Kingdom has been filled with monsters and skeletons, no thanks to the evil necromancer. You are a nameless soldier and have taken it upon yourself to pursue him to his own tower, capture him, and present him to the king. It won’t be easy, though. The necromancer has prepared for intruders…


  • Nostalgic gameplay experience
  • Pixel-art style reminiscent of MSX-era games
  • 45+ main levels to challenge your puzzle-solving and timing skills
  • 15 unlockable Nightmare levels offering more difficult puzzles and gameplay mechanics
  • Colourful enemies with unique behaviours and special contraptions to help you traverse levels

Steam release:

Tomb Towers is also available now on Steam Early Access for $4.99 USD. Which includes a 20% discount until May 16th.

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