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Top 10 most exciting iPhone and Android games on Kickstarter

Crowdfunding isn’t exactly a new concept – video gaming fans, for example, have been throwing in cash to help fund development for years.

But, there’s no denying there’s been a recent surge in crowdfunded initiatives in the video games sphere, catalysed primarily by the website Kickstarter and the incredible success of Double Fine’s project.

Kickstarter pledge drives for mobile games, in particular, have proliferated over the last few months, with some lovely-looking games receiving funding from fans. But, which of these mobile titles deserve your money? That’s (on occasion) the million dollar question.

We’ve compiled a list of the top ten mobile game Kickstarter projects – some are already funded, others still require some cash to get off the ground. Will you contribute?

Star Command
By War Balloon Games

Imagine if Kairosoft mashed its management games up with Star Trek, and you get a general idea of what to expect from Star Command. So, yes, you enlist a crew to help explore the universe and beyond.

This Kickstarter actually ended a while back, and we now know that a lot of the crowdsourced proceeds ended up being used for marketing and prize fulfilment purposes, rather than for the actual development of the game. Still, Star Command remains rocketing towards a release this summer on iOS and Android.

Shadowrun Returns
By Harebrained Schemes

This Shadowrun reboot managed to hit its funding target of $400,000 in just 28 hours – a rather incredible feat – and is on course to bag more than $1.3 million by the time the Kickstarter finishes.

Shadowrun Returns has been put together by the developer behind the original role-playing game, Jordan Weisman, and is (tentatively) set for release on iPad and Android tablets at the start of 2013.

By Camouflaj and Logan

Take a handful of industry veterans who have worked on the likes of Metal Gear Solid and Halo, throw in a Big Brother-style concept, and you’ve got Republique – a game all about manipulating network-enabled devices to keep the game’s protagonist alive.

Sounds like a more serious take on the Ghost Trick concept, which is definitely okay with us. The game’s Kickstarter still has about two weeks to go, and its team is looking for a hefty $500,000. It’s coming to iPhone and iPad – if it’s funded.

Gnilley – The Yelling Game
By Glen Forrester

Do you like shouting at things? Of course you do – it’s human nature to want to scream as much as possible. Gnilley turns our favourite pastime into a game, asking you to scream at your mobile device to control the character on the screen.

That’s right: as you scream, you move the character and kill enemies in a Legend of Zelda-esque adventure. This offbeat game has a week left to secure your money, and is being developed for iOS and Android devices.

City Conquest: Tower Defense Evolved
By Paul Tozour

Like strategy games? Then this upcoming title for iPad, iPhone, and Android smartphone and tablets may well be just what you’re looking for. City Conquest combines tower defence and multiplayer action to create a new breed of real-time strategy.

There’s no unit or class micro-management – you’re simply going against your opponent, all towers blazing, with the aim of eradicating its base through turn-based combat. Watch out for this one later this year.

Popchilla’s World: A Game for Kids with Autism
By Interbots

Now for a good cause project. Popchilla’s World is designed to give children with autism a game to play, while also helping them build their social interaction skills in an entertaining way.

After the child plays, parents can track his / her progress through a hefty number of statistics, and hopefully start to see the child benefitting from playing. The game, due out for iPad, has just over a week left on its Kickstarter pledge drive, but is unfortunately quite a way off its goal of $25,000.

College-Ruled Universe
By Leo Dasso

College-Ruled Universe was spawned from the creator’s love for doodling during university lectures. One day, he decided, “Hey, why don’t I use this doodling for the greater good?”, and started doodling a full side-scrolling arcade shooter.

Now, the game, whose artwork is composed entirely of ballpoint pen drawings, is due for release on Android devices later this year, after being fully backed on Kickstarter. There’s a chance it will come to iOS devices, too.

Double Fine Adventure
By Double Fine

This is the Kickstarter project that really made the games industry sit up and take notice. Rather remarkably, this point-and-click adventure game – headed up by industry veteran Tim Schafer – has raised more than $3 million through crowdsourced pledges.

Thanks to the millions of dollars the game’s investors have donated to the project (well over its original target of $400,000), versions for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices have been added to the list of supported platforms for the mysterious Double Fine Adventure, which is due to debut at the end of this year.

By Tiny Colossus

Talk about cutting it fine – turn-based strategy game UFHO2 managed to reach its $10,000 Kickstarter target with only minutes to spare, meaning this hexagonal room-rotating concept will soon be available on iPad and Android tablets.

The team behind the game is also considering bringing it to phones, although given the creator only just managed to secure the necessary funds to get the initial go-ahead, that most likely depends on how much money the game brings in once it’s released.

The Departure Game
By Jesse Kuhn

Artist Jesse Kuhn had a dream: to turn his artwork into a mobile game. Specifically, his piece ‘The Departure’, in which Kuhn depicts a number of men who are escaping from a world full of constraints, and venturing into the unknown.

Kuhn’s vision is now a reality, for his Kickstarter has been successfully funded. Heading to iPhone and iPad, The Departure Game sees the tubby men taking their adventure into the skies via various red balloons.

by Mike Rose

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