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Torque 2D for Android Kickstarter gets free Linux port

The good folks over at Max Gaming are asking for you help in support of making Torque 2D an epic titles for Android and Linux.

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Free Linux Support

Since we really want this to succeed and get Torque 2D out on as many platforms as possible we are going to offer Linux support as a free bonus. Nathan Martin (TRON in irc) has offered to help me (Tim Newell, Tim-MGT in irc) do the port. Being free there will be no support for the Linux version outside of the community as this is an effort by me and Nathan and not Max Gaming. We will however get the Linux version in the same state as the rest of the platforms. So help us spread the word to anyone looking to make Linux games so that we can reach our goal and expand the number of Torque 2D platforms.


Torque 2D is an engine developed by GarageGames as their flagship 2d engine. It currently works on Windows, Mac OS X, and iOS. GarageGames recently released the Torque 2D engine source code under the MIT license and Max Gaming thought it was a great time to make an Android port of the code since it is one of the most requested features, and T2D is a great framework for mobile games. In addition we support the Ouya which runs the Android operating system, so we have decided to throw in a port to Ouya as well so that Torque 2D will work out of the box on both android mobile devices as well as the Ouya. The Ouya port will however be delayed until we can get our hands on a console.


Android is the largest mobile platform with growing user and store support, supporting this port allows developers to have a truly cross-platform framework, and with Torque 2D gives you a nice license to work with and lets you create your game the way you want to by giving you full source code access. While there may eventually be an Android port from the community, this Kickstarter will allow you to pitch in and get the port done early so that you can get your game on the market for both mobile as well as the early Ouya market. Anyone contributing $25 or more to the Kickstarter will gain immediate access to the source code as soon as it is complete. Everyone else will have to wait 6 months after it is completed to have it added to GitHub under the MIT license.


We will port Torque 2D MIT as well as all of the example toys from T2D to Android (minimum Android 2.3) and Ouya. The Ouya port will be started but not completed until we can do final testing on an actual console. The Android and Ouya ports will only be released to Kickstarter backers who contribute $25 or more when they are complete. Everyone else will get access 6 months later when the code is submitted to GitHub under the MIT license.

For our top tier supporter’s ($1000 contributions and above), they will receive Priority support for 30 days after release. This support includes 5 hours of phone support and early access to patches.


Max Gaming is a small independent game developer that has a decade of experience in the games industry. We have been using the Torque based engines since the very first one was released based on the Tribes 2 code (V12). We have also created and released several games with the Torque 2D engine for iOS, Windows, Linux and Mac and we continue to work with the engines to this day.

Max Gaming has done several ports to a variety of platforms, including porting T2D to work on XBOX 360 and porting of other engines from iOS to Android, Windows Phone 7 and of course PC games to multiple platforms.

Max Gaming’s first Torque 2D title launched in 2006, after 4 years of using Torque 3D.

Click here to pledge Torque 2D for Linux and Android on Kickstarter

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