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Total War developer Creative Assembly will support SteamOS

The Creative Assembly is bang behind SteamOS, and sees no problem in porting its games to #Linux for Valve’s new #hardware scheme.

Total War developer Creative Assembly will support SteamOS

Video #game #developer #TheCreativeAssembly says that it is looking forward to porting its Total War: Rome II strategy title to the newly revealed SteamOS in order to expose the game to a wider audience.

Rob Bartholomew, the brand director at the studio, says that his company has already ported the game to the Mac platform via a partnership with Feral and will use a similar process to create a Linux version.

He tells PCGamesN that, “We’ve certainly got no worries about Linux as a platform, and as you know, we’ve appeared on the #SteamOS page, and our intention is absolutely to support the OS.”

When the porting process for Total War: Rome II starts, The Creative Assembly will work with Valve in order to make sure that the game uses all the new features of SteamOS.

He adds, “If we ever did have any problems with that we’d certainly solve it with them. We’d obviously want to make sure that if we released a version of Rome 2 for SteamOS specifically, that it worked really nicely with the infrastructure that they’ve got planned for that.”

Recently, the company has said that it has early access to a prototype version of the new Steam controller and has been able to create a configuration that works with Total War: Rome II very quickly.

The Creative Assembly does acknowledge that more work is needed in order to make sure that players are as comfortable with the Valve-made controller as they currently are with a keyboard and mouse set up.

At the moment, the studio is busy delivering more patches for Total War: Rome II in order to make sure that the experience is balanced and that all technical problems are eliminated.

Currently, a fourth main update is in the beta testing process.

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