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Total War: WARHAMMER III Grand Cathay for 2022

total war: warhammer iii reveals grand Cathay and the 2022 game release on linux mac windows pc

Total War: WARHAMMER III reveals Grand Cathay and the 2022 game release on Linux, Mac, Windows PC. According to Creative Assembly. Which is available to pre-order on Steam and Humble Store.

Welcome to the land of celestial dragons, unyielding warriors, and wondrous war machines. Creative Assembly now dropping details about the Grand Cathay. While the Total War: WARHAMMER III release will be coming in 2022 for Windows PC. Then we expect a build for Linux, as well as Mac too.

Grand Cathay is a Chinese analog faction. One that is also usually referred to as one of the ‘lost’ nations. Which has never made an appearance outside of background lore. And maybe some mysterious snippets of detail. This reveal finally brings the nation to the forefront of the franchise. While unveiling details about play style, army roster, and rulers.

Legendary Lords

Grand Cathay is one of the oldest and most powerful civilizations in the Warhammer® World. Remaining largely unchanged for thousands of years. It is under the rule of the children of the Celestial Dragon Emperor. Who are ancient and powerful beings capable of assuming human form. Due to wielding the mysterious lores of magic known as Yin and Yang in Total War: WARHAMMER III.

Miao Ying, the Storm Dragon, rules over Northern Cathay. Who also commands the armies of the Great Bastion. Cold and aloof, she has ruled over the northern provinces. Doing so centuries after its defense was entrusted to her by her father, the Celestial Dragon Emperor.

Zhao Ming, the Iron Dragon, rules over Western Cathay and Sky Road. Since that leads into the Mountains of Mourn. A hardened frontier warrior, the Iron Dragon maintains the western edge of the empire. While keeping the desert clans in order. Even as the other Dragons question the sanity of their brother.

The Dawn of Grand Cathay | Total War: WARHAMMER III

Race Playstyle

If Cathay could be described in a single word, it would be ‘harmony’. The Dragons of Cathay, and by extension their armies, are creatures of order. Who seek balance in all things – including how they wage war in Total War: WARHAMMER III.

While the armies of the Dragon Emperor are defensive in nature. They are also will stand their ground. So they can grind the enemy down through determined defense and firepower. Ensuring they fight as a single and efficient organism. Which is the most vital element of their war effort. The longer their armies can maintain this harmony upon the battlefield. This means the greater the bonuses they are able to unlock in Total War: WARHAMMER III.

Army Roster

As one of the most tech refined nations in The Old World. The Cathayan war machine can call upon a myriad of the most ruthless and deadly units in existence. The core of the army is constructed around expert troops. Such as the unyielding Jade Warriors and the elite Celestial Dragon Guard. While brutal support can be provided by titanic Terracotta Sentinels. The masterfully crafted Wu-Xing War Compass and the ethereal Great Jade Longma Riders.

Total War: WARHAMMER III coming in 2022

Feral Interactive also deserves a mention. Highlighting the Total War: WARHAMMER III early 2022 release via Twitter. Since we will likely have to wait a month before seeing a Linux port for the game. It’s also a pleasure to seeing Creative Assembly taking extra time.

Total War: WARHAMMER III is coming to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. The game is available to pre-order on Steam and Humble Store. All priced at $59.99 USD.

More information about Grand Cathay will be revealed over the coming weeks. For more information on this reveals, check out the Total War Blog. You can also get the low down on the race straight from the dedicated Warhammer Community article by Games Workshop®.

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