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Total World Liberation new zombie survival

total world liberation is a new zombie survival game for linux mac windows pc

Total World Liberation is a new zombie survival game for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the unique minds behind developers Endless Loop Studios and Code Monkey. Due to progress and make its way onto Steam.

Total World Liberation is an interesting open world survival game. Due to offering automation, crafting, and building. All while mixing in turn-based gameplay. Gearing up to be a huge mix of genres. Thanks to developer Endless Loop Studios at the helm, it works. A studio that is well known as a Linux supporter with Blueprint Tycoon, Hyper Knights, and Game Corp DX. Now offering something a bit different in Q3 2023.

Total World Liberation – Open World Survival


  • Find other Survivors and bring them with you.
  • Build your base with a Workshop, Generator, Houses, and plenty of Defenses and Traps!
  • Split up into multiple teams and explore different areas in Total World Liberation. But also, don’t forget to bring enough ammo when you leave your base.
  • Set up outposts to gather resources in far away lands. Then Transport them back to your base through Automated machines. Due ensure the Zombies don’t destroy your logistics.
  • Craft items, armor, weapons, and lots of ammo. Build Drones to help you Gather, Craft, and Patrol
  • Explore a large enduring open world. Since there are no loading or mission instances. Everything happens in the world.
  • Turn-Based so you can take your time to think in Total World Liberation. Then come up with the perfect strategy
  • Ambush Zombies and take them all out without suffering casualties
  • Be careful when exploring at night. Be even more careful so you don’t attract a massive horde!

Total World Liberation is a brave new zombie survival game. Due to offering support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Melding a blend of genres and a more broad range of gameplay. So be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.

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