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Total World War 4 player strategy incoming

total world war 4 player strategy incoming for linux mac windows pc

Total World War is 4 player strategy game incoming for Windows PC, but has Linux and Mac in mind. Thanks to developer Zero Games Studio feedback. The game is also due to release in 2020.

Total World War is a turn based strategy game. Playable for up to 4 players. But the games also still in the development phase at Zero Games Studios. What better time to look into platform support for Linux.

Linux Support:

We have a Linux and Mac port in mind. But honestly it will not be available during Windows PC release. And will depend on the success of Total World War at launch.
If sales are good, then Linux will be added to the pipeline.
The game at been made with Unity. But also using lot of in-house technologies and middlewares.

Since the developer is being objective about platforms. It’s safe to say that the Linux market share affects support plans. Even with the use of Unity 3D as the game engine. But the in-house tech and middleware could also be a factor.
However, the official website for Zero Games Studio does show Linux. So it’s likely that the studio will release post launch support.

Total World War – Announcement Trailer

The design of Total World War is to be accessible to beginners. But also offers deep gameplay mechanics with cartoonish 3D visuals. Many strategies are possible to defeat your opponents. Since the game offers different armies with their own special weapons. Not to mention a bit of satire in the mix.

Total World War was the codename of the project. Right from the beginning of the development prototype. However, the release will be postponed until 2020.
Currently, the team is also considering another potential release. This will be available on new hardware, in addition to Windows PC and Switch versions.

The game has been in development since 2016. Loosely inspired by popular turn-based strategy games of the 2000 area. Such as the Advance Wars series.
But since the 2000’s, strategy players have grown up. Likewise, Zero Games choose to dish out some blood. And also some mad humor that could fit a crazy universe.

Total World War 4 player strategy is due to release on Windows PC. There is no fixed date for 2020 yet. But a Steam page will be available Q1 2020. And we can get that Wishlist support for Linux.

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