Tower 57 arcade shooter now on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows PC

Tower 57 is an old-school twin stick shooter with #destructible #environments, now on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

Taking place in the ruins of a decadent art deco-meets-cyberpunk world, this 16-bit inspired pixel art game relies heavy on co-op.

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The story is straight forward, humanity is split between societies at war and living in mega-towers surrounded by radioactive wasteland. Once touted as self-sustaining utopia’s, designed to protect and nurture citizens for generations. These Towers provide a safe-heaven where mankind could hope to forget its past and start fresh. As a member of a special investigative force, your mission is to infiltrate the reclusive Tower 57 and restrain any efforts for an invasion on your home tower.

Tower 57 focuses on giving players options to play the way you want. And being that your environment is destructible, this allows players to use the battleground in your favour. Along with an intense local co-op that allows players to combine weapons for extra fire power.


Complex situations arising from simple systems interacting. And these systems drive the world rules: fire spreads, electricity travels down the path of least resistance, etc.
Tower 57 gives you tools and goals, and it’s up to you to figure out how to use one to achieve the other within this framework, designed with a heavy emphasis on co-op. Flank your enemies, bait them into an ambush, leverage co-op specific weapons, or combine your regular weapons for increased fire power and new effects.


Tower 57 will be developed using a custom engine written entirely in C++ for performance and portability. Using SDL and OpenGL for rendering, sound, and input processing. This gives developer Benitosub the flexibility to modify, improve, and optimize any part of the code without having to rely on 3rd party updates. Granting full control over the tool-chain to maximize productivity by tailoring tools to specific needs.

Furthermore  Benitosub have written the engine with modding and scalability in mind: systems (rendering, collision, animation, etc.) can be stripped and replaced by more efficient or platform specific versions, making it easy to port the game to new platforms (as long as it can be compiled in C++ of course).

Which makes the  Tower 57 more appealing for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Giving players a solid Kickstarter project where gameplay can be extended further using mods. Make sure to vote on Steam Greenlight.

You can also follow the Benitosub on Twitter and YouTube.


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