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Tower Of God an innovative casual puzzle

tower of god an innovative casual puzzle game for linux mac windows pc

Tower Of God: One Wish is an innovative casual puzzle game for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to creative developer Ironcode Gaming. Due to release on Steam later this month.

Tower Of God: One Wish is due to release on January 17th. Bringing with it a new approach to match 3 puzzles game. And since thousands have tried to climb the tower. None have succeeded yet. The question remains, will you be the one to succeed?

Tower Of God: One Wish is a great game for those who appreciate casual gaming. Or maybe a streamer getting ready to close out their stream with something casual. The whole process of leveling up straight forward.

Tower Of God Trailer

While legends say that the one who succeeds in climbing the Tower Of God will be granted a wish. This is a true match-3 game with fun mechanics. The gameplay itself is both interesting and enjoyable. The levels are varied and fun. While including minigames such as Hidden Object, Jigsaw, Memory and Slider. So that every step is kept unique. Giving the player a challenge, as you level up the tower itself.


  • 100 levels of fun match making.
  • New types of runes and tiles.
  • Fun mini games included.
  • Climb the tower of God!
  • Pick up and play.

Typically, most of these puzzle games I just ignore. But Ironcode Gaming is offering more than just one game style. Giving the player a range of different but fun challenges to solve.
Although, details do not outline any randomly generated content. I’m also eager to see how multiple playthroughs will vary. Or what that One Wish will actually grant you.

Tower Of God: One Wish is due to release on January 17th, 2020. Releasing on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. The innovative casual puzzle will be priced at $2.99 USD. No word on a release week sale, but even at full price it’s dirt cheap.

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