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Tower of Time makes a Linux debut on Steam

tower of time makes an ubuntu linux debut on steam games beside windows

Tower of Time is an ambitious tactical RPG currently on Steam Early Access in Linux and Windows games. Since the games already available for Windows, now the Linux build is now available. And the game introduces innovative elements. Taking place in a classic style combat RPG.

Developed by new Polish studio Event Horizon. Tower of Time offers players elaborate in-depth gameplay mechanics. Including a non-cliché narrative. Yet priced at $14.99/€14.99 and considering the excellent reviews. Making for and epic release. And also another addition to the Linux gaming catalogue.
So as it stands right now, gamers will receive 15 hours of gameplay. This is spread across 4 of the 13 levels of the tower. Event Horizon invites players to taste of their work. Also confirming that the full game by year end.

Tower of Time Early Access:

Tower of Time has a modern real-time combat system. Since this is an entirely new approach to character development. With a classic RPG inspiration.
So Event Horizon went the extra mile. Working to upgrade the quality of the game. Make gameplay easier to understand. Where the games experience is different from run-of-the mill indie RPG’s. With attractive graphics and battles. All full of special effects.
While using handcrafted levels the development team. Also making each level it’s own individual atmosphere. To better support the overall character of the story.

So the Linux build comes with a few warnings. According to the Tower of Time developers. Since the games currently in Early Access. And having emailed Event Horizon. They have been facing a few challenges. Yet now with the all the community support. We have a delicious Linux build beside Windows. All developed in Unity 3D, of course.

Before you buy on Steam:

Please see some disclaimers below:

  • Build was testing via Ubuntu 17.04, Mint 18.2 and Debian 9 – those are the versions officially supported as of now. On clean installations of those systems the game is working as intended.
  • We recommend to use NVIDIA 375 drivers, as newer drivers strangely can create occasional stuttering on some systems.
  • In case you have problems playing cinematics – you need to install VLC package. However, on most systems it should not be an issue.
  • Unity (our game engine) has some problems with full screen support on Linux sometimes. If that happens on some systems – you need to start Tower of Time with a command:
    -screen-fullscreen 0
    This issue will be resolved shortly.

So my first attempt with the game, missing Executable. While the recent patch does resolve this issue.
A huge Kudos to Event Horizon. Keeping on top of support issues. Which is really impressive for an Early Access title.

Since you can still run into a problem. Email your output [email protected].

Tower of Time Player Experience:

Tactical combat in Tower of Time offers multiple opportunities. But also requires careful planning and altering movements. So plan according to the situation. And yes, the combat is in real time.
Although the player has help with a dynamic slow-time feature. This is ideal for positioning your characters. Also changing strategy and creating combinations using your characters’ skills.
The battles are supposed to be far from boring. Along with the diverse range of buffs, de-buffs and status changes. Or using additional aids like summoning. The combat mechanics change for different encounters. Such as in fights with “swarm” type enemies or bosses. Each elite enemy brings a new mechanic. So the player has to learn and master the games playstyle.

Tower of Time is currently available on Steam Early Access. The Linux release is available right beside Windows.

For more information and updates. Follow Tower of Time on Twitter and Facebook.

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