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Towerfall: Ascension have Linux and Mac release dates approaching

Have you played Towerfall: Ascension yet? It is, easily, the best new local #multiplayer game in many years. It’s an absolute blast of a game, with stunning old-school art and near perfect gameplay. Right now, Towerfall is only out on #Ouya, PS4 and PC, with Mac and Linux versions very near at hand.

First off, Towerfall originally came out for Ouya in June 2013, and was quickly hailed as the darling of the platform – it’s one true killer app. In case you don’t know, the game throws four archers into a tower, with three arrows each and they try to kill each other. Like most classic games, the core of the gameplay is simple and easy to learn. The fast-pace, cool items and sheer skill involved make this one a keeper; I will not be the first to compare it to Smash Bros.

Towerfall would be an absolute blast on Wii U, if it ever comes out for it. (Image: Towerfall / Matt Makes Games)

This is pretty much a one-man company we’re talking about, so it’s not surprising that Thorson went with PS4 and Steam: the two probably had the biggest reach and mindshare between them. He’s working on Mac and Linux versions now, and after that, he’s going to release a level editor. Beyond that, who knows? This is the most he’s said about the future of Towerfall, in response to a user question online:

Q: after the map editor which is the future of Towerfall?

A: Hard to say. This feels like it’s up to the players as much as it is to me. Hopefully TowerFall is played at parties and tournaments for years to come. I’d like to support it along the way however it makes sense to do that.

Thankfully, the continued existence of Towerfall on Ouya and of Towerfall: Ascension on Steam strongly suggests there is no exclusivity agreement with Sony; if Thorson wants to make it available on Wii U and thinks it justifies the resources and time involved, it could still happen. We certainly have our fingers crossed for Linux and Mac.  Towerfall is an incredible game and deserves as big of an audience as it can get!

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