TowerFall Ascension's Dark World expansion coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC next week


The upcoming #expansion Dark World for TowerFall Ascension is expected to #release next week on #Steam, GOG, the Humble Store and PlayStation 4 for $9.99.

According to a post on the development blog for TowerFall Ascension‘s Dark World :

Challenge your friends to fight through the Dark World, with or against you, in this massive expansion for the acclaimed archery brawler. Through the portal you’ll find a wealth of new archers, powerups and arenas. Face an all-new 1-4 player co-op mode, or take the fight to Cataclysm, where levels shift into unique layouts every time you play. A perfect excuse to revisit the beloved indie fighter.

TowerFall Ascension‘s expansion will bring new weapons like Trigger Arrows, “One of my favorite additions are the new Trigger Arrows, a powerup that makes your projectiles behave like remote-­detonated mines. Plant them in walls or ceilings, wait for an unsuspecting enemy to run by, and send her to a fiery grave,” Thorson explains. This will also include a boss-filled four-player mode, an evolution of the original game’s two-­player Quest mode.

We do know that Matt Thorson planned to release Dark World on all platforms at once, including Linux, Mac, Windows PC and on PS4. The steam forum confirms those plans, as the Dark World beta has already been available to testers. So expect to see the expansion on GOG, the Humble Store and Steam.


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