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TowerFall ditches Ouya with enhanced PC port

Game development veteran #MattThorson created the Ouya exclusive #launch title #Towerfall — a one hit kill, bow and arrow 2D arena combat game. A lot of people have taken to calling the Ouya the “Towerfall box”, as the game is so compelling that many don’t feel the need to play anything else on the console.

Before Towerfall, Matt created a slew of other games, including the Jumper series, Runman, and the Adult Swim favorites Give Up Robot 1 and 2. You can play them for free right now.

TowerFall is breaking free of its Ouya-exclusive shackles. The archery deathmatch game is on its way to PC, developer Matt Thorson has announced.

He added the enhanced port will be priced somewhere in the neighborhood of $15 to $20.

The move isn’t entirely unexpected. Thorson has voiced a desire to bring the title to a wider audience in the past. However, despite insisting the “Ouya version is doing great,” the move follows reports of light hardware sales and desperate attempts to secure more exclusive content for the Android-based platform.

What about a Linux version?

We contacted Matt Thorson and here is what he replied:

I’m working on TowerFall for Windows right now, with a lot of new content. I can’t promise anything yet, but Linux seems likely too 🙂

Not a bad sign. Seems more and more Indie developers are taking a strong consideration to Linux and it’s growing position in the gaming industry.

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