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Towerful Defense: A Rogue TD to hit Linux

towerful defense: a rogue td roguelite horde survival game is coming to linux and windows pc

Towerful Defense: A Rogue TD roguelite horde survival game is coming to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. A big than you to Mini Fun Games for providing more info and support. Working to make its way onto Steam.

As the commander of a futuristic tower, the last defense against an alien invasion. Welcome to Towerful Defense: A Rogue TD. This is not your typical sit back and watch kind of defense. This is a far better roguelite horde survival. Think of it like being in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon with waves of TIE Fighters coming at you.

Let’s get the basics down. In the center of the chaos, a mega tower, your trusty monument. But this tower also auto-fires. While you send wave after wave of lasers and rockets without even lifting a finger. But here’s where you come in: as the tower does its thing, you command up to 4 skills to drop some serious defence on the aliens. Think of them as a special move, similar to pulling off a killer combo in a fighting session.

To top it off, the Towerful Defense: A Rogue TD is due to get a native build:

I’m using Unity for the development of the game. Sure, I do plan to include Linux (and MacOS as well…

This is the email reply from Mini Fun, which does offer some good news. They are using Unity 3D, and there’s a native build confirmed for Linux. But have a look at the gameplay trailer below.

Towerful Defense: A Rogue TD – gameplay Trailer

But let’s talk strategy for Towerful Defense: A Rogue TD. With every alien you destroy you earn the chance to level up your tower. So this means better firepower, more health, better accuracy. So you can turn the tower into a tank. But remember, every skill or item you choose can change the way you play, so think hard. Similar to choosing the right loadout in a shooter – synergy is everything.

And for those of you with a need for a challengeTowerful Defense: A Rogue TD has what you need. It’s not just about surviving; it’s about mastering the art. Each wave you face? It’s on a timer. Survive long enough, where even the shortest wave is like holding your breath for 15 seconds, and the longest. Surviving a 90-second boss battle without any health potions. Go for the endless mode. See how long you can stand against the never-ending onslaught.

To cap it off, there are five levels of difficulty in the game. Whether you’re just trying it out or you’re the kind of person who like a solid challenges, there’s a level for you.

So, the release date for Towerful Defense: A Rogue TD is still TBD. But you can Wishlist the game on Steam. You can also join the roguelite horde survival Playtest and try out the Windows PC build on Linux via Proton. The release date is TBD.

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