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Townseek relaxing exploration with a Demo

townseek is a relaxing exploration trading game for linux and windows pc with a demo

Townseek is a relaxing exploration trading game for Linux and Windows PC with a Demo. Which is the result of the unique minds behind of Whales And Games. Working to make its way onto Steam in 2023.

Super Rare Originals are eager to announce that the next title to join our Originals line-up. This is a relaxing exploration trading game, Townseek. Takes to the skies to explore the world of Explora! Discover exotic landmarks. You will also trade with faraway towns, fish, mine, and farm. Doing so as you complete your journal and make a name for yourself.

This exciting announcement comes with Steam Next Fest running until February 13th. Since Townseek is part of the official NextFest highlights. Offering a Demo for both Linux and Windows PC. So players can get a taste of what the beautiful hand-drawn world of Explora. Which is actually a rather intriguing game.

Townseek – Announcement Trailer

Townseek will have you explore the world of Explora discovering the lost legacy of Sir Reginald Sharkingston. Travel far and wide, find exotic landmarks, and trade with whimsical characters. Due to discover artefacts, and so much more. The whole world is your sea, so be sure to see all that it has to offer.

    Explore a gorgeous hand-drawn world at your own pace. Uncover unique locations, spawning lush forests, and freezing icebergs. Townseek also has vast deserts, striking volcanos, and more.
    Trade with town hosts for unique items and profit. Complete quests due to improve your reputation and unlock upgrades and cosmetics. Discover diverse cultures of sharkfolk, cats, slimes, stonelings, regular humans, and more!
    There are tons of things to do all over Explora! Need a break from trading? Find new blimps and hulls to customise your airship. You can also a fishing rod and go catch peculiar fish. Mine one of a kind artifacts. Dig for treasure. Farm for exotic fruits in Townseek. Due to make the journey your own!
    Reassemble the journal bestowed upon you by Captain Jawline. While you discover the lost legacy of Sir Reginald Sharkingston! Fill it with memories of your own travels, and strive to complete your item collection. Due to make this a truly unforgettable adventure!

Townseek is a relaxing exploration trading game coming to Steam. But you can play the Free Demo for Linux or Windows PC. With a full release coming in 2023.