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TOXICANT release date and support interest

toxicant roguelite survival horror release date and support interest for linux with windows pc

TOXICANT roguelite survival horror has a release date for Windows PC with support interest for Linux. Thanks to developer Cosmocat Games. Who are also eager to make a debut into Early Access on Steam and

Cosmocat are eager to announce that their upcoming roguelite survival horror game, TOXICANT. Due to release in Steam Early Access on Friday, July 24th for Windows PC. So naturally, I reached out for details on Linux support.

I use Unity for all of my games. No immediate plans for a Linux release but I’m certainly open to it should there be enough interest.

You have to relish in the “no immediate plans” statement. That always puts me on edge. But I’m also excited to see the intent, “should there be enough interest.” That seems to be more commonplace now. Developers want to support Linux but are unsure. So they typically wait and see how much support interest there is from the community. But you can show your Tux Love now by Wishlisting TOXICANT on Steam.

Also, due note, since Unity 3D is being used for development. This is actually a good sign going into Early Access. Which could offer Proton support for the Early Access, due to last 6 months. But make sure to check out the trailer below, it’s creepy.

TOXICANT – Early Access trailer

TOXICANT offers a sinister twist on the survival horror genre. That trailer packs a punch, doesn’t it?
To celebrate the release, Adam of Cosmocat Games will be playing through the game on Twitch. Likewise, he will be answering any questions and talking about his plans for Early Access. He’ll also have a few copies of the game up for grabs. You can find more about that here. So be sure to check that out.

Featuring randomized levels and roguelike elements.

  • Traverse a series of increasingly difficult randomized levels, upgrading your stats and gear along the way
  • Use items like compasses, maps, beacons, and the MonPro 2000. To aid you in navigating TOXICANT within the depths of the mines
  • Collect miner’s notes and secret documents to learn the story of a conspiracy gone horribly wrong
  • Sample an assortment of nourishment and libations in your quest to survive. Expired canned food, toxic mushrooms, rancid wine, and more!
  • Salvage old mining equipment and use it as a weapon, or a shield (Can’t find any? How about a board with a nail in it!)

TOXICANT is due to release in Steam Early Access on Friday, July 24th for Windows PC. Linux support will be based on support interest. So make sure to Wishlist the game on Steam and

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