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Toy Tactics military genius to hit Linux

toy tactics physics-based rts game to hit linux and mac with windows pc

Toy Tactics physics-based RTS game to hit Linux and Mac with Windows PC. Which is the result of the madness behind developer Kraken Empire. Working to make its way onto Steam soon.

Toy Tactics, a family friendly, physics-based RTS game including the history of warfare. All thanks to developer Kraken Empire and publisher Joystick Ventures. Due to pen a path to glory via Steam Early Access on Friday, March 17, 2023. But first, here’s what’s happening with Linux support.

We will launch in early access with Steam Deck support. Including drawing and dragging to give orders to your units using the touchscreen. I can’t confirm a date for Linux or Mac support yet. But it should happen someday soon, probably after early access launch.

According to the Kraken Empire email reply, Steam Deck support will be day-one for Early Access. But the Unity 3D game is still due to get native support for Linux. Seeing this is an early access release, details are not specific, yet. But at least we have some kind of Linux support for Toy Tactics.

Forgo the sword in favor of the mightier pen! Sketch directly on the battlefield to command Toy Tactics troops. Deploy attacks and figure out movement with pen strokes of various shapes and lines. Employ tactical thinking with each pen slash on the blank page of Earth. Smash ally and enemy plastic figurines. Due to make heads bobble in charming, physics-based battles.

Toy Tactics Early Access Trailer

Cast summoning spells alongside brave troops in Toy Tactics. All due to bring in the likes of crushing catapults, flaming meteors, watchtowers calling in crazy reinforcements. Maybe even cinder block walls capable of stopping enemies in their tracks. Block critical choke points, attack weak spots, and flank unaware adversaries. Doing so with careful precision and coordinated formations. Paint a path to victory with the Toy Tactics accessible yet deep controls. Due to push imaginations to run free.

Choose between the Imperium, Pendragon, and Kyoukai armies. Each with game changing abilities. These disparate Toy Tactics factions duke it out across the many ages of Erebus. Which is also an afterlife for warriors beyond time and space. Join forces with the well renowned leader and military general, Sun Tzu. Coming together in a single-player campaign across Draugr infested Europe and Japan. The Art of War takes on new meaning with each battle offering various goals and puzzle guarded chests.

Toy Tactics will release with 3 campaigns in early access. Each one with an army with exclusive abilities and spells: Imperium (fire & construction), Pendragon (ice & magic) and Kyoukai (venom & stealth). Different gameplay and creative modes will be made available too.
You can play the current demo on Steam via Proton. But the new version will change everything, including tutorials and starting missions.

Expect Steam Deck support for the physics-based RTS game release in Early Access on Friday, March 17, 2023. And later, Linux and Mac support to join Windows PC. Now….. go Wishlist the game on Steam.