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Toy Tactics physics-based RTS port plans

toy tactics physics-based rts game releases on linux and steam deck via proton with windows pc

Toy Tactics physics-based RTS game releases on Linux and Steam Deck via Proton with Windows PC with a port coming. Due to the effort and commitment of developer Kraken Empire. Which is now available in Early Access on Steam with 95% Positive reviews.

Toy Tactics, a family-friendly, physics-based RTS game including the history of warfare. All due to the work of developer Kraken Empire, creating a canvas of combat.

On top of that the developer confirms that “Toy Tactics is working perfectly in Steam Deck and, as far as I know, some Linux players are using Proton without known problems.” Of course, this is good news. But what about native Linux support for the Unity 3D game?
In the email reply from Kraken Empire, ” I can’t confirm a date for Linux or Mac support yet, but it should happen someday soon, probably after early access launch.” And as a result, the developer is “already testing in Linux”, but looking for volunteers. This should result in a post in the Linux_gaming subreddit very soon.

Embrace Toy Tactics creativity as both an artist and troop commander. Strategically sketch star, circle, or heart-shaped unit formations to turn the tide of battle. Doing so in any shape imaginable is viable. Relive childlike bliss through tactical planning, toppling tons of mass produced rival toy armies. Charge into battle with either the Imperium, Pendragon, or Kyoukai armies. Since each has their own special powers based on their real-world counterparts.

Toy Tactics Early Access Trailer Launch

Under the guidance of renowned military general Sun Tzu, follow his words from The Art of War. All due to restore the balance of Erebus, an afterlife for warriors beyond time and space. Fight against eight tough toy types and find ancient Artifacts. Since these will offer special passive abilities.

Unleash summoning spells varying from healing units back from the brink of death. Raining down Jenga-like cinder block walls. Watch plastic pieces of each enemy bounce across the sandbox in silly slapstick fashion. Similar to the good ol’ days on the playground.

To play on Linux, you will likely have to Enable “Force Steam Play compatibility tool” in Properties. Then selective Proton 7.0-6. Close the window and hit Play.

Toy Tactics physics-based RTS game releases on Linux and Steam Deck via Proton with Windows PC. Due to remaining in Early Access on Steam for the next 9 to 12 months. Priced at $16.99 USD / £14.23 / 16,57€ including the 15% discount.

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