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Traitors in Salem social deduction hoping for port

traitors in salem social deduction game developer hoping for a linux port with windows pc

Traitors in Salem social deduction game developer hoping for a Linux port with Windows PC. Thanks to further details from developer BlankMediaGames. Gearing up for the release on Steam Early Access.

Traitors in Salem is the follow-up to BlankMediaGames hit social deduction game Town of Salem (2014). Which only had Mac and Windows PC support. Now the indie game developer and pioneers of the social deduction genre of games. Now working on the follow-up, Traitors in Salem. Town of Salem is one of the first, and most popular social deduction games. Touting millions of accounts and laying the groundwork for other social deduction games that came after.

Naturally we reached out to BlankMediaGames regarding a Linux build Since their debut social deduction game only offered Mac and Windows PC support.

…though one of our devs is hoping to make it happen.

This is not quite a 100% confirmation for Linux, but it certainly looks like the BlankMediaGames has hope. Despite their initial plan not to offer a Linux build. Even though Unity 3D is the game engine of choice. Now it looks like plans have changed and the port will be in testing. Although may or may not arrive for Early Access.

Traitors in Salem – Closed Alpha Sneak Peek

Traitors in Salem is due to be the next hit in the social deduction genre. The Traitors are possessed by an ancient magic power known as the Necronomicon. They also have the task of destroying Salem. Town members must find out who these Traitors are and hang them. Or complete the quests due to banish the Necronomicon forever. On top of that, players enjoy freedom of movement inside a 3d world. Including improved graphics and amazing cinematics. With 31 unique roles with varying abilities, spells, and a day/night cycle. All of this affects gameplay so that each round will be completely unique.

Traitors in Salem is currently in alpha. Already receiving great feedback from players. Mainly due to the ability to move around with classic characters. Offering roles such as the Pilgrim, Plaguebearer, and Witch. And being able to kill gullible people.

Traitors In Salem social deduction game is listed on Steam. So be sure to Wishlist the game. Due to arrive on Mac and Windows PC, hopefully, Linux as well. With April 22nd marking the release of the Early Access Beta.

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