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Transistor now available for Linux and Mac today

Transistor is easily one of the most visually #appealing and stylistically pleasing #videogames, though its stature may have given some consumers reason to skip it earlier this year, but now Linux and Mac platform owners no longer have an excuse. And gamer reviews have been “Overwhelmingly Positive”.

On a surface but intimate level, Transistor is a conversation between protagonist Red, an admired and fashionable opera singer who has just lost her voice in an attack, and the titular sword, responsible for killing Red’s lover in the opening scene but also somehow retaining his consciousness and voice. On a deeper but more subtle level, it’s a remark about the transference of human consciousness into the digital space as a form of technological immortality that bends the rules of life and death. And all of this is wrapped in a time-bending, exceedingly flexible combat system. In other words, Supergiant Games has yet another stunning gem in its hands.

While Transistor remains available via Steam for 50% off, Valve’s digital distribution service offers Linux and Mac versions of the game for free via Steam Play.


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