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Transmogrify brings Godot to Kickstarter

transmogrify sci fi platformer godot engine kickstarter linux mac windows

Transmogrify is a sci-fi platformer for Linux, Mac and Windows. Currently on crowdfunding on Kickstarter working to hit that pledge goal of $5,000 USD. Which also happens to be developed using the Godot engine.

So the whole concept behind gameplay has the player turning enemies into objects. Then using them to solve puzzles.

You are lost in the facility you work at when the power restarts. While strange creatures break loose. Grab the unconventional weapon, team up with the artificial intelligence that runs the facility. Since Grace the AI will show you how to escape.

Developed with the open-source Godot Engine. While seeing how Godot grows and being a part of the friendly community.

Transmogrify‘s gameplay is a blend of solving puzzles and platforming action. And also exploring an immersive facility. Each enemy turns into a different object with their own purposes. You may need a block to hold down a button to open a door or reach a small ledge.

Transmogrify Kickstarter Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

In another case, you might want to find an enemy to turn into a one-way platform to traverse a big horizontal gap. A different puzzle will require you find a spring in order to bounce your way up to a high vertical area.

The team also have teleporters, buttons, switches, doors, moving platforms, lasers and jump lifts. They also have the kitchen sink to the mix.

All of these items interact to create combinations that build on each other. Which also keeps the gameplay fresh and complex. Rewarding creativity and giving the player multiple ways to solve puzzles. And also creating bite-sized levels.
There is a scoreboard at the end with stats to track how you did. Creating a fun, short, gameplay loop. You can replay the levels you want to beat your high score or explore and collect hidden items.


  • Escape the facility by navigating through several totally different worlds each with their own enemies, puzzles, and hazards.
  • Over a dozen carefully crafted enemies that each have their own personality, goals, and corresponding objects at your disposal.
  • We currently have over 60 levels designed and sketched out, with more to come.
  • Challenging puzzles that build on themselves as the game progresses and feel rewarding when you beat them because you teach yourself.

The Godot Engine on Kickstarter:

Transmogrify crowdfunding campaign is 27% funded on Kickstarter. And all Kickstarter backers that have “THE GAME” tier $15 USD and above (or EARLY BIRD). Will also receive a Steam key, as well as DRM-free copy on Linux, Mac and Windows.

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