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Transmogrify platformer inches towards release

transmogrify puzzle platformer inches towards release in linux gaming mac windows pc

Transmogrify puzzle platformer inches towards release in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC. Plus we have a further explanation from developer Odyssey Entertainment. Due to release this fall on Steam and

Transmogrify is an unusual 2D puzzle platformer. Which also blends challenging action and handcrafted puzzles. Taking place in a sci-fi world with comics like modern graphics. While featureing a peculiar, non-lethal weapon that transforms enemies into tools. As well as further structures needed to solve the levels.

Likewise, Transmogrify is a puzzle game where you need to react quickly. Since this is an action platformer game where you have to think.

Transmogrify Teaser Trailer

Alright, so here is the real news from Odyssey Entertainment. They have a bunch of new updates out now and will be releasing the game later this year. Transmogrify is due to arrive in Linux gaming, as well as Mac and Windows PC. But if you look on Steam you won’t see Linux and Mac listed. This is due to the developers having some OS specific issues. But rest assured, they will them resolved soon.
That being said, the Linux demo on the website works just fine if you are eager explore gameplay. And it certainly gives you a nice taste for the game with more updates included.

Game Features:

  • Is an unusual 2D puzzle platformer that blends challenging action, handcrafted puzzles, and a mysterious story
  • Follows Chris and GRACE, the facility AI, as they try to unravel what happened
  • Features a gun that turns enemies into power-ups and tools to solve Transmogrify puzzles
  • Combines a modern comic book style with sci-fi for an attractive art style
  • Will be fully voice acted for all characters
  • Will release on Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Supports controller and keyboard

Transmogrify 2D puzzle platformer inches towards release. Which really is an unusual. Due to make its way into Linux gaming this year. Along with support for Mac and Windows PC. You can however Wishlist the game on on Steam and But make sure to play the Demo in the link above.

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