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Transport Fever 2 releases a new major update

transport fever 2 releases a new major update for linux and windows pc with improved modding support

Transport Fever 2 releases a new major update for Linux and Windows PC with improved modding support. Thanks to developer Urban Games. And reviews continue to hold at a Very Positive. While available on Humble Store, Steam and GOG.

Transport Fever 2 the latest great tycoon simulation game. This new update introduces many player requests and improvements. Ther is also heavily improved modding support. Even more, a new wiki with game manual and modding specification.

With this update, we fulfill the widely expressed request for stronger modding support. Many new modding possibilities have been added. And exciting new applications can be expected. The update is a big investment for the future.

We have also greatly improved the tools and documentation. Among other things a complete modding specification and game manual.

Transport Fever 2 – Launch Trailer

Following the feedback we receive every day. More improvements become available. For example, we have improvements to the simulation performance and usability. And as with every update, there are various bug fixes and small improvements.

Please find the complete release notes here.

Be sure that Transport Fever 2 will continue to see improvements in the future. Since we receive a huge amount of feedback. We are unfortunately unable to fulfill all requests at the same time.

Originally released in December. The Transport Fever 2 releases a new major update as per player requests. The game has also exceeded all expectations. Since it is becoming the fastest growing entry in the series yet. Gameplay gives you more than 170 years of real-world technology and history. So you can design and master your own transport empire. With a greatly improved feature set, user interface and modding capabilities. Allowing you to make your fortune. Creating complex new worlds of transport routes. As well as infrastructure over land, sea and air. Choose from over 200 realistic modeled vehicles from Europe, America and Asia. Including trains, buses, street cars, trucks, aircraft and ships. Plus modular stations, airports and harbors.

Transport Fever 2 is available on Humble Store, Steam and GOG. Which is currently discounted 25% on Steam. Including builds for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Priced at $39.99 USD.

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