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Transport Fever gets a new patch to improve performance

transport fever gets a new patch to improve performance

Transport Fever is a railroad­-focusing tycoon game for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Where players start in 1850 and consequently build up a thriving transport company. So as an emerging #transporttycoon, the player constructs stations, #airports, #harbours and makes money by connecting areas requiring transport services.

Due to developer Urban Games releasing a performance patch for Transport Fever. While details suggest there are more optimisations for Mac users, many of the improvements will affect Linux gamers as well.

Simulation, rendering and building performance have a significant improvement. Also, several user interface enhancements like e.g. a fluent mouse cursor or a save game progress bar make the game feel more responsive and fluent.

Some issues which occurred on specific Mac systems have been addressed. In particular, a random crash which happened after several minutes playing the game is solved now. Moreover, the terrain tool has been reworked, and several gameplay and simulation changes make the game more enjoyable. Also, quite a few small bugs and campaign issues have been solved.

Please find the complete release notes here.

Since the patch improved performance. Transport Fever is also available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Now with a 20% discount for a few more hours.

What is the gameplay all about?

Construct complex road­-rail-water-air networks in the endless game and experience more than 150 year of transportation history. Fulfill the people’s needs and watch cities evolve dynamically. Supply industries with freight, develop complete cargo chains and enable economic growth. Build up a transport empire!
Master challenges and get busy in the campaign game mode. Two campaigns consisting of a multitude of missions with increasing difficulty can be challenging. Missions of the American and the European campaign tell the historical context of the 19th and 20th century and offer a wide range of real­world transportation challenges.

Transport Fever Features:

  • Two game modes: Endless game and campaign mode
  • Over 120 detailed trains, aircrafts, ships, buses, trams and trucks
  • Intuitive yet powerful railroad and street construction
  • Upgradable train and bus stations, airports and harbors
  • European and American campaign with a multitude of historical missions
  • Randomly generated, modifiable terrains with realistic dimensions
  • Fully realized European and American game environments
  • Dynamically simulated urban development and passenger movement
  • Sophisticated economy model and freight simulation
  • Content from more than 150 years of transportation history
  • Realistic vehicle simulation, coloring and aging
  • Physically based graphics, lighting and simulation
  • More than 25 challenging achievements
  • Steam Workshop and extensive modding support

So again, Transport Fever is available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. With a 20% discount for a few more hours.