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Transport Fever Performance Patch launches

transport fever performance patch launches in linux mac windows games

Transport Fever launches a new Performance Patch for Linux, Mac and Windows. This also includes a new trailer from developer Urban Games.

So yes, this is all about the joys of building a successful empire. Since gameplay spans 150 years of transport history. Which does not grow old to fast apparently.

The train, boat, and plane buffs at Swiss studio Urban Games. While the public transport users at Good Shepherd Entertainment blew the whistle on the Performance Patch update for Transport Fever.

Since this bringing some serious performance and framerate bumps for players. Plus other fixes and enhancements.

First released in November 2016, Transport Fever is showing no sign of running out of steam. The game’s strong sales of over 300,000 copies to date are only the start of the story. With daily concurrent players in the range of 2-3,000. This is a year and half since launch. Not to mention that once players get in, they stay in. With a average play time of 23 hours per player. This is one fever that people don’t want to shake off.

Aside from the overall performance and framerate boost, the comprehensive update includes big improvements to simulation performance, rendering, camera, tools, statistics, collision handling, terrain rendering, modding and a whole load more.

Transport Fever – Performance patch video (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Also, for a full list of the Performance Patch contents go HERE.

Released in 2016, Transport Fever follows its 2014 predecessor Train Fever. And never looked back.
In the game, budding tycoons journey through 150 years of industrial age. So we venture through air, land, and sea transport innovation as they forge an empire worthy of Vanderbilt himself. The game is a treasure trove of 19th and 20th century buses, boats, trucks, trams, trains and planes, all of which can be played with endlessly with no risk of the wheels coming off.

Complete with community-based modding support via Steam Workshop. And we have seen some distinct improvement since release.

Performance Patch launches on Steam and GOG:

Transport Fever is available now for Linux, Mac, Windows PC via Humble Store and GOG. While Steam has a 40% discount until May 10th, priced at $20.99 USD.

The new update is free for all owners. For more about the game, visit

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