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Transport Services simulation gets a full release

transport services simulation game gets a full release for linux mac windows pc

Transport Services lightweight fast-paced simulation game gets a full release for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to Hammer Games who had a rough start with the release. But also encourages people to give the game another try. Available now on Steam with a nice discount.

Transport Services you take on the task of providing transport. Available for both goods or passengers in contracted cities. Cities reveal as you play. Which also brings more demands for passengers. While you take care pf passengers your cities grow and produce more passengers. There is a lot of waiting passengers. So you will have to refund some tickets. And your city might also lose its shine. As people do not want to live in a city cut off to civilization.
Once your Transport Services city reaches the biggest size. You can build a factory producing resources. Which can be used to distribute in your other cities to make a profit.

Players can build roads for buses and trucks. The cheapest solution for short distances. Rails for trains to travel longer routes with huge capacities. And also airfields with planes for very picky passengers. Traveling even longer distances. The gameplay is a mix of City Skylines meets Transport Fever.

From the developers:

Those who purchased Transport Services on the EA release day and never played it since. You can give it another try. As it gives at least what we believe much better experience than a few patches before.

Transport Services Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)


  • 3 game difficulties. Which means an easy a stress-free game. So you won’t have any punishments for overcrowded stations. While on the opposite side, hard mode is pretty challenging. How far you can get before you go bankrupt. Then there’s a normal mode which is for everyone who wants to have responsibility. And as a result, doesn’t let the game punish them too much.
  • procedurally generated world in Transport Services.
  • dynamically growing cities from few houses up to the city full of skyscrapers! And it is all done by the way you care for your cities needs!
  • Simple passengers. There are cities of on color and passengers of another color. Which means that the passenger of its color wants to travel to the same color city.
  • Simple product consumption. Move products to all cities, where they’re not produced. Make sure all cities have as many different kinds of products as you can deliver. They pay you more if you satisfy all Transport Services city needs. Rather than transporting one type of product.
  • Trains, planes, airships, buses, and trucks.

The latest Transport Services simulation patch brings some changes:

  • 39 Achievements are now available in the game. Get them all!
  • Some bugfixes related to rail signals & trains
  • German and Spanish localizations
  • Trains scrap refunds changed. Now it returns 100% of its purchase value. Sometimes the wild bug might leave you with no other choice, then scrapping your machine.

Transport Services fast-paced simulation gets a full release on Steam. Priced at $6.99 USD, including a 30% discount. Available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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