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Trapmania tactical action defense open to Wishlist

trapmania tactical action defense open to wishlist in linux gaming and windows pc

Trapmania tactical action defense open to Wishlist for Windows PC and in Linux gaming. Thanks to recent details from developer Waide Studio’s. Which now has an official Steam page.

Trapmania is a tactical action defense game. Full of strategic warfare and suspense. Your homeland is under attack! So it’s up to you to travel far and wide, navigating beautiful maps. While upgrading your traps and character until you can defeat even the mightiest of waves. With an old school retro graphics and an original soundtrack. Trapmania is due to have you leaning forward in your seat as you furiously defend your precious light sources on each map. Don’t forget to spend your winnings in the shop! Also be sure to gear up your favorite avatar and prepare for battle.

Linux Gaming Support:

Reaching out to Waide, GameMaker Studio 2 is being used for development. This is also positive news, but the developer is “new to compiling”. Yet confident “Trapmania should run just fine on all Linux devices.”

​As a tile based strategy game, your only assets are your mind. As well as the traps in your backpack. The object of Trapmania is to protect light sources on each map from a race of evil monsters. So at the start of the level, a group of enemies will spawn from one of the level’s spawn points. These enemies will also move in a random fashion. Darting from tile to tile, searching desperately for light to destroy. As a result, players must navigate the map as fast as they can. Placing deadly traps on the ground in an attempt to contain and destroy the onslaught. There’s one catch: you only have up to ten traps on the board at any give time. This rule adds a huge amount of strategy to the game. Since it forces the player to be extremely mindful on where they place their traps.

Trapmania features 12 very unique maps. On easy maps, the board has only one or two light sources to defend. Including plenty of room for the player to place traps. However, as you work your way through the game, the maps gradually get harder. The most difficult maps have up to four light sources and five enemy spawn points. The game also features 3 difficulties: maggot, sergeant, and beast-mode. The game’s designer and programmer Waide describes this feature.

Developer Waide Explains:

“Playing on maggot difficulty is like riding a bicycle with training wheels on, allowing the player to figure out how to play properly. Playing on beast-mode is like riding a bicycle through quicksand… in hell… with no arms. Even I struggle to beat the hardest levels on this terrifying game-mode. The enemy waves are bigger, faster, and increase in size much more rapidly.”

Trapmania – Official Trailer

There are also 36 global upgrades in Trapmania. Allowing the player to become even more powerful as they defeat more levels. Upgrades include increases to the number of traps a player can have placed. Including opportunities for your character to explode upon contact with an enemy. Even accessible portals for the player to teleport around the map with.

The graphics in Trapmania are 16-bit, giving it a crisp retro-style. Which is a flashback to the C64 days. Likewise, this keeping the graphics simple. Letting developer Waide add plenty of excellent sprites and hilarious animations. The game also features an original soundtrack which fans have described as ‘simple but catchy, powerful but never distracting’. ‘Composing Trapmania was easy.’ Waide admits. ‘I kept it short and simple. I needed catchy tunes that would give the player a feeling that they were really inside of each map they played.’

The game also features a statistics display menu. This also allows players to track several metrics. Including distance traveled, traps placed, and just how many beasts they’ve slain.

Trapmania is certainly a well rounded strategy action game. Due to including hours and hours of high quality, replayable content. If you enjoy retro graphics, comical sound effects, and intense strategy. This will be a must-play.

Trapmania tactical action defense is due to release on January 20th, 2021. Due to arrive in Linux gaming and on Windows PC. Not to mention being open to Wishlist on Steam.

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