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Treasure Hound action story on Kickstarter

treasure hound action story on kickstarter in linux mac windows pc games

Treasure Hound is an action story adventure in Kickstarter games for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Oleg Kaluger. A gorgeous crowdfunding campaign that needs your support for that $25,000 USD goal.

Treasure Hound has a unique story and character set. But the campaign does not show platform support. Simply Unreal Engine 4 and Steam. However a direct email to developer Oleg Kaluger clarified.

Linux Support:

“We’re developing the game using Unreal Engine. And yes, we’ll have the Linux as well as Mac Port.”

Treasure Hound will take you on a journey to unearth a treasure. One that is also shrouded in mystery and ancient stories. Where even its existence is under question. Until one day, while a scrap of clue is discovered. And also shifts the gears of manipulation, greed, threat and unmistakable action. So, the RPG adventure begins…

The landscape of Treasure Hound focuses on creating an immersive universe. Spanning over 4 environments. The universe indulges in telling a tale of a world a long, long time ago. Check out the trailer below.

Treasure Hound Kickstarter Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)


  • Close-Quarter Combat System
    The close-quarter combat system will let you engage in short-range combats. But it’s not limited to just that. There are long range weapons that allow for a perfect mix and match.
  • Fluid Traversal
    Traversal is one of the main and necessary features of Treasure Hound. It is crucial to show that since dangers lurk everywhere. Since it is up to the player how they want to tackle that. While using either stealth mode or head-on action.
  • Engaging Environments
    The environments are not only the field of play. But present you, the player, with danger, mystery, hidden locations. And a lot of secrets.
  • Main and Side Missions
    Each mission in Treasure Hound helps evolve the story. And also brings you ever closer to the end of it. But apart from that, there is a challenge at the side. One that will cater to the explorer inside of you. So you can enjoy scavenging the games universe.

Treasure Hound is an interesting action story. Which is gorgeous, right? Well that’s what I see as well.
The pledge tiers are interesting. The Demo tier is $325 USD. While the Early Access tier is $375 USD. Now you can get the coming Demo in the $45 USD tier. The games coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC in December 2020.

Leave a comment if there is something I’m missing.

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