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Trigon: Space Story new Update and Sale

 trigon: space story game has a new update and sale for linux mac with windows pc

Trigon: Space Story game has a new update and sale for Linux, Mac, with Windows PC. Thanks to the continuous work and effort of developer Available now via Steam and Humble Store.

Trigon: Space Story has received a massive update. Doing so along with a huge discount for Linux players. The first single-player title from will be on sale for 50% off until November 29th. Not only that, but Piloti spaziali dall’Italia can now also enjoy the game in their native tongue. Since it becomes fully localized in Italian as well.

Trigon: Space Story Celestial Sights 2

This new update brings with it a ton of new content, fixes, and technical updates. Due to make your space faring journey more robust and engaging than ever before. Along with new locations to explore and new enemies to fight. Trigon: Space Story is getting plenty of performance optimizations as well. This includes the choice of MSAA, FXAA, and TAA, improved visuals, in-game access to the encyclopedia, and much more!

Update features also include:

  • Updated statistics window
  • Added a pop-up to the “Continue” button in the main menu. As well as the in-game menu with information about the current run. Such as difficulty setting, chapter, mode, etc.
  • The ability to change the order of units in the Trigon: Space Story list on the left
  • The option to skip cutscenes
  • Improved explosion visuals
  • A new alert with a countdown has been added for enemies using a teleporter
  • Alerts: weight and color depends on criticals and importance
  • At the Trigon location in battles with clones, the correct portraits of captains are now updated
  • In the encyclopedia in the player’s ships section, ships no longer overlap each other
  • The ability to throw the captain overboard has been removed in Trigon: Space Story
  • When you select a unit, the mouse cursor now changes
  • Players can now close the ability selection window when leveling up. Due to allow you to see what abilities your ships and other units already have

Further Upgrades:

  • The trading station now allows items to be purchased in bundles of five
  • Improved the Trigon: Space Story crosshair cursor UI
  • Pop-ups for guns, drones and shells are now unified. Now displaying the same number of lines for ease of comparison
  • Added effects when upgrading or buying a system
  • When saving the positions of units and returning units to the saved positions. Now, arrows now temporarily show in the places of these positions. Such as when giving a unit an order to move
  • In the unit’s pop-up, the current active passive ability highlight is in orange. Along with a triangle next to it

Trigon: Space Story new update and sale is available on Steam. Discounted 50%, dropping the price to $9.99 USD / £8.49 / 9,99€. Regular price on Humble Store. Along with support for Linux, Mac, Windows PC, and its Steam Deck Playable.

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