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Trip the Ark Fantastic scientific RPG coming 2022

trip the ark fantastic scientific rpg coming 2022 to linux mac windows pc

Trip the Ark Fantastic scientific RPG adventure coming in 2022 on Linux, Mac and Windows PC and consoles. So Gamechuck is inviting all interested to learn more about the coming release. Which is not your typical story based game.

Trip the Ark Fantastic is being developed using open-source software. Such as the painting tool Krita and the Godot game engine. Gamechuck studio is also a sponsor to both Krita and Godot Engine. While continuing to contribute to the Godot Engine development.

Therefore, we now have the first trailer for Trip the Ark Fantastic. Since this is a story-driven RPG adventure taking place in the Animal Kingdom. One also on the verge of both industrial and social revolution.
The story follows Charles, a hedgehog scholar. Who is also on a mission to save the monarchy by the lion king. But his decisions could end up helping reformists. Maybe even bring about anarchy. Check out the trailer below.

Trip the Ark Fantastic Teaser Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)


  • A deep secondary world set in an Animal Kingdom. One also on the verge of industrial and social revolution. This story is content rich and full of intrigue. Along with side quests and flavor at every step
  • Completely original gameplay mechanics for Trip the Ark Fantastic. All focusing on the scientific method. So that will have to research, discuss, and experiment. Then finally publish arguments in the Animal Kingdom’s papers
  • An exploration of how myths, science, and philosophy can influence society. And how monarchies, democracies, and anarchies view power. Along with authority and legitimacy of rule
  • Gorgeous art including frame by frame animation. Due to the vibrant landscapes inspired by the golden age of animation. As well as music inspired by the works of R. Wagner
  • A gesamtkunstwerk approach in which the art, music and gameplay. All come together with the Trip the Ark Fantastic story. A truly scientific discovery. Including the role of myths in different types of societies
  • The entire development completely done in open-source technologies. Including Godot Engine, Krita, Ink and MuseScore, among others

As a player you progress by solving the Kingdom’s various problems and mysteries. Since the method of solving them is a scientific one. So Charles publishes compelling arguments in the Animal Kingdom’s scientific papers. Working to prove his theories and disprove those of others. Only arguments with sound logic and solid evidence. These will have the power to sway public opinion. And also change the course of history in Trip the Ark Fantastic.

Follow them via their newsletter at You can also join the Trip the Ark Fantastic scientific RPG Discord channel. The games due to release on Linux, Mac and Windows PC in 2022.

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