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Triton Survival galactic survival to see support

triton survival galactic survival to see linux support in games

Triton Survival is a galactic survival games coming to Windows, but will also get Linux support. Developer DreamsSoftGames is creating this intense action game, focusing on survival and crafting. Coming to Steam Early Access in Q2 2019.

Linux Support for Triton Survival:

“Once we complete the PC version, is to convert the game to other platforms (Linux, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch). However, it will be a conditioned aspect to the success of the project.”

While this is good news for the final release of the game. The Early Access release coming in Q2 will be for Windows. But I’m sure with enough Wishlist backing on Steam, we will have a Linux build. Since the game engine is Unity 3D.
Even though there is no release date for Early Access. And developer DreamsSoftGames does not specify how long Early Access will last. Which leaves Linux players using Proton until the release.

Triton Survival gameplay is about gathering resources. While fending off attacks of enemy hordes from the Neptune planetary system in year 2114.
The Earth has been invaded!. An alien civilization has built a network of Portals in the planetary system of Neptune. Since this allows alens to enter the Earth by creating black holes in the atmosphere.

So now you are on a mission to the main satellite of Neptune: Triton. Your mission there will be to protect the Interplanetary Portal . And also prevent the invasion of new alien troops. As well as destroy the network of Portals of the rest of Neptune’s satellites.

You must also defend and build a fortification around the Portal. Doing your part to prevent access, while obtaining enough energy to be able to use the Triton Portal. Then travel to the Neptune satellites to end the threat within Triton Survival.
Since it’s up to you have to destroy all the Portals under guarded by the invaders. As the only hope for our planet Earth. Playable as a singleplayer, online multiplayer and online Co-op.

Triton Survival galactic survival (Windows, then Linux and Mac)


  • Build a base and reinforce your defenses to protect the portal
  • Craft items, blueprints and ammo in Triton Survival
  • Harvest several types of minerals and alien flora
  • Survive waves of enemy attacks
  • Day and night cycle with weather and cloud system
  • Manage your own farms of different types of veggies
  • A variety of weapons, turrets, mines and defensive elements for protect your base
  • Manage an electricity system to provide energy to all the necessary elements
  • Build extractors of underground materials and get minerals, fuel and other resources.
  • Vehicles
  • Breed alien creatures and obtain necessary resources
  • A variety of weapons

Triton Survival will bring the galactic survival to Early Access in Q2 2019. The games going to be priced at $14.99 USD. Which is reasonable, even though only available for Windows. Make sure to Wishlist for Linux support.

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