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Trolley Problem, Inc dark comedy supports Proton

trolley problem, inc. dark comedy game supports linux via proton with windows pc

Trolley Problem, Inc. dark comedy game supports Linux via Proton with Windows PC. According to the more recent details from developer Read Graves. Available on both Steam and Humble Store.

Trolley Problem, Inc. is a dark comedic philosophical adventure. Which also judges players on their awful choices. A deeply thoughtful and thorough story game which pressures players into making decisions. These are based on genuine philosophical problems. Then judges them, and the world, on their choices.

While Trolley Problem, Inc. and the sadist elements are intriguing. It looks like Linux native support will take a back seat.

It has been tested on Linux using Proton which we will continue to support.

While not the news I was expecting. There is certainly a Read Graves commitment to support Proton. It looks like the game works better than expected. A further bonus if you’re a Steam Deck player.

Trolley Problem, Inc. dark comedy game Trailer

With scenarios that test opinions on immigration, corporate espionage, religion, and vaccinations. The means even the nature of decision making itself, Trolley Problem, Inc. will take players on a journey. Due to test you and how you view the world, yourself, and ultimately the concept of free will.

Players are initially assessed as new recruits to Trolley Problem, Inc.. Their propriety for employment is comes through some initial beginner problem solving. Wich only affects the lives of a few people and a dog. Two choices are offered – then a countdown begins. While you pick the option you feel is right. But explaining your decisions to anyone watching you? Well, that’s your problem.


  • 55 intensely thought provoking multiple choice questions across a 90-minute playtime
  • Streamer mode allows content creators to engage with a live viewing audience
  • Multiple profiles allow local players to compare and discuss their choice. While global stats reflect the choices players across the world have made
  • References to the original Trolley Problem, Inc. philosophical papers
  • A host of unlockables to discover throughout the game
  • The strangest ‘Achievements’ ever featured in a video game
  • Voice acting by Dead Ringers, Spitting Image and Skins actor, Jan Ravens
  • Support in 10 different languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Arabic

Trolley Problem, Inc. dark comedy game available on Steam and Humble Store. Also offering a 10% discount, dropping the price to $9.89 USD / £8.09 / 9,89€. Available on Windows PC, but supported via Proton on Linux.

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