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Tropico 6 beta roadmap and upcoming features

tropico 6 beta roadmap and upcoming features in linux mac windows games

Tropico 6 closed beta roadmap releases new features for Windows, as well as in Linux and Mac game. Kalypso Media and developer Limbic Entertainment release a new update. Since these features are now available the Tropico 6 closed beta. Releasing to all who pre-order the game on Steam, Humble Store or the Kalypso Shop.

Since Kalypso Media is doing a fine job keeping fans up to date with Tropico 6 progress. There is also a beta roadmap detailing all the upcoming features before launch on March 29th.

Tropico 6 Beta Release Short Trailer (Windows, Linux, Mac)

January’s Tropico 6 update includes the brand-new campaign mission ‘Better Red Than Dead’. Also numerous improvements to buildings, citizen interaction and customization options. As well as balancing, UI improvements and general bug fixes. Full details are available in the changelog.

The roadmap also highlights upcoming content coming for the beta. This includes multiplayer, a random map generator and an additional campaign mission.

Features and Improvements

  • A new Tropico 6 campaign mission to the beta: “Better Red than Dead”
  • Various map adjustments/polishing and mission balancing. For example:
    • “Speakeasy”: Lowering the number of criminal arrests in order to complete mission tasks.
    • “Nido De Iguanas”: Also the additional of beach sites; smoothing out uneven terrain.
    • “Fuego Aislado”: A fix for some regions where it was impossible to place a dock. This also fixes hard to reach mineral deposits.
    • Rivers now show a direction of flow.
  • Addition of a special island for customization. This is also be available from the main menu.

Since the appearance of Tropico 6 releasing on Linux, Mac and Windows. The games is only available on Windows for the closed Beta. And yes, closed beta allows fans and the community to shape development. But, since Tropico 6 you can play via Proton. There is light for Linux players to take part in a bigget and better game.


  • Remove the height level restriction of metro stations.
  • Increase in the overall transportation speed of the metro.
  • A fix for the duration and cooldown from the “Child Allowances” edict.
  • Trade routes with smugglers will now have a negative impact on the standing with superpowers in all eras.
  • Balance of various work modes and building upgrades. For example:
    • Plantations: “Multi culture” work mode: Efficiency impact reduced, effect radius increased.
    • Banks: The interest rate of banks in “National Bank” work mode. This now diminishes with every additional bank operating in this work mode.
    • Police Stations: “Second Shift” upgrade added.

Tropico 6 is available to pre-order now. Available on Steam and Humble Store with a 10% discount. While the Kalypso Shop releases Beta access with 12% discount, giving you access to standard version. With instant access to the closed beta. While the special El Prez Edition includes two tourist outfits for your Presidente. With a flamingo pond for your customizable palace, a digital soundtrack, digital calendar and instant beta access.

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