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Tropico 6 now has multiplayer saves

tropico 6 now has multiplayer saves in linux windows pc games

Tropico 6 now has multiplayer saves in both Linux and Windows PC games. Thanks to developer Limbic Entertainment. Who also release the new changes on Steam in update number four.

Following the successful launch of Tropico 6. Which is available on Linux and Windows PC. Kalypso Media and developers Limbic Entertainment have more news. Since they are proud to share a brand new accolades trailer. Which is releases for their flagship strategy title. Also showing a selection of reactions. Both from worldwide media and fans.

The reaction from fans is truly overwhelming. Since Tropico 6 regarded as the best Tropico to date. Kalypso and Limbic are committed to improving the game. All based on feedback from fans.
So now they have released a new update. This brings the most requested feature. Multiplayer save games.

Tropico 6 – Accolades Trailer (Linux and Windows PC)

We are happy to announce that the eagerly-anticipated save game function is here in the latest update for Tropico 6! Thank you for your patience and continued support.

We will continue working on Tropico 6 and further improve it with future updates, which will include more balancing, fixes and overall growth.

This is just the beginning for Tropico 6. Kalypso is preparing to reveal a full roadmap soon. This will be more detailed outline of features. And the changes currently in development. The publisher also welcomes further fan feedback. While inviting all Tropico 6 players to get in touch via the Steam Community. Including the Kalypso forums. As well as on Twitter and Facebook. Including your thoughts and ideas on the game so far.

New features:

  • Implemented the functionality to create and load savegames in multiplayer.

In times of civic trouble and social unrest. The people are calling for active leaders. One who will also steer the fate of their country. Both in insight and creativity. So you can prove yourself once again as a feared dictator. Or a peace loving senator on the island state of Tropico.

Tropico 6 strategy sim is available Steam and Humble Store. Priced at $49.99 USD. Which is also available Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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