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Truberbrook mystery adventure launches today

truberbrook mystery adventure launches today in linux mac windows games

Truberbrook mystery adventure officially launches today in Linux, Mac, Windows games. Thanks to the hard earned efforts of developer btf. The games also available on Steam and GOG. So from here, it’s up to you.

Truberbrook is finally here. While adventure fans have been waiting for it. The games releasing globally on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. So you can enjoy an adventurous vacation. Doing so in a 1960’s parallel universe. A sci-fi mystery adventure game with handmade scenery.

With its superbly unique visual style, German charm. Truberbrook is a thrilling story. Similar to Twin Peaks and X-Files. While releasing as a modern adventure game. So this will get the attention of fans. And those who like the genre. As well as everyone who wants a fresh artistic experience. The game was crowdfunded. Reaching its goal on Kickstarter within only 30 hours. Amassing over $200,000 in total.

One of Truberbrook‘s most original features. The scenes are purely handmade. As in hand made, created using real hands. And fingers. And glue. Look at what the developers made. All piece by piece, by the sweat of their brows. So that every little detail is custom made.

Truberbrook – Launch Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

The brand new launch trailer has the last details. All you need for your relaxing journey to Truberbrook.
You also get a sense of the abnormal events. Things that are going on in the small German health resort.

The mysterious adventure game is available on Steam and GOG. And launches for $29.99 USD / 29,99 € / 24,99 GBP. Available on Linux, Mac and Windows. Also releasing with a 10% release discount.

In mid April, console players may start their journey to Truberbrook. Which will also be available on PlayStation 4. As well as Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, April 17th. This is just a heads up. You know, for Collectors who would like to buy the retail version. Which also includes its 24-page long travel guide. Purchase it two days later on April 19th.

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