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Trust No One has you think outside the box

trust no one point and click detective adventure game announced for linux mac and windows pc

Trust No One point and click detective adventure game announced for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Triomatica Games’ innovative team deserves our heartfelt gratitude for their creativity. Due to release on Steam in 2024.

Trust No One is a point and click detective adventure you will be able to experience on Linux. Picture yourself as a journalist, diving into a deep and twisty mystery about a company that works with AI. This adventure takes place in the city of Kyiv, a real city in Ukraine. Your mission? To figure out who’s giving you secret information.

The best thing about this adventure is that it’s more than just playing; it’s about uncovering a story. It’s made by Triomatica Games, a group of creative folks who started making these adventures in 2020. They’ve also made some really good titles, like Boxville, the winner of DevGamm’s Best Mobile award in 2022, and GDWC Best Mobile award in 2023.

Trust No One Teaser

So, what makes Trust No One special? First, its visuals are like a hand-drawn comic book. Every scene and object you see is drawn by artists, giving it a unique and interesting look. The places you explore are also based on real locations in Kyiv, which adds to the validity.

As you dive deeper, you’ll encounter puzzles and mini-challenges that are part of the story. These aren’t just random problems to solve; they cleverly weave into the plot, making you feel more like a detective.

The whole Trust No One experience is in a setting with mystery and intrigue like you’re in your very own detective movie. It’s not just about finding clues but also paying attention to the details. Since this could lead to discovering what’s really happening.

Trust No One point and click detective adventure isn’t just about clicking and watching. It’s also a deep journey that challenges your brain and gets you thinking in new ways. It’s not just a regular activity; it’s like stepping into a mystery world where every corner holds a secret, and every choice can lead to new discoveries. For anyone who like solving mysteries and uncovering secrets, this is something you definitely don’t want to miss! Wishlist it on Steam. Due to release in Q1 2024 on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.