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Tryst – RTS game is coming to Linux

A Unigine powered game resembling Starcraft II


Linux will have another Real-time Strategy game to add to the ranks. A Closed Beta is now underway for Tryst, a BlueGiant Interactive game that is looking like it might be the next big cross-platform release since Unigines’ own naval strategy, Oil Rush.


A year ago BlueGiant Interactive game studio licensed the Unigine engine as a technology platform for its upcoming game titles. Seemingly the studio had already developed a prototype of its first Unigine-powered game Tryst (although unnamed at the time), demostrating successfully at Gamescom (Cologne, Germany).

“Unigine has helped us to bring to life our vision by providing powerful, easily extendable toolset along with complete scripting language. Such flexibility has been instrumental in integrating our tried and tested in-house RTS engine with Unigine’s state-of-the art Rendering and Physics solutions”, said Vinnie Reddy, CEO of BlueGiant Interactive.


“BlueGiant managed to get Unigine gears in action for their spectacular-looking prototype in a pretty short time. Unigine technology is the right tool in the right hands here. I’m pretty confident they will be able not only to create the game in no time, but also scale it across all platforms supported by Unigine: from mobile, through console all the way up to the high-end PCs”, commented Denis Shergin, CEO of Unigine Corp.


Considering Unity 4 has just released Linux support just two weeks ago. It is Unigines’ real-time 3D engine, which unleashes the ultimate power for creating serious games, simulation, interactive visualization, and virtual reality systems. Giving more to the gameplay experience, while you the player, attempt to play out a war between humans and a nemesis army of mechanical aliens, the Zali (both are playable).

Where Tryst really seems to stand out is do to what developers are calling the A.R.M. (aka the Augmentation Research Mechanism), which is a fancy way of saying units can be equipped with load-outs and abilities. Experience suggests this will effectively mean bulking up a smaller number of units by offering a selection of weapons to place in their hands, but with a focus on small squads and the apparent ability to re-equip units – which precludes keeping them alive – could mean that missions will be more thoughtful than initially assumed. Not that it matters whether Tryst is derivative or thoroughly original, it’s just nice to have an old fashioned RTS to look forward to. Woohoo!!

About the Linux release….

Having spotted a forum post, I was keen to learn that the Tryst Linux port will actually be available after the PC release.
However, there are rumors floating around that Tryst could be coming as soon as September.
I have personally been in contact with Bluegiant and I will update this post as soon as information becomes available.

About BlueGiant Interactive:
Based in Hyderabad, India, BlueGiant Interactive is an independent developer and publisher of PC-based strategy games.
The people who make up BlueGiant’s team are young, talented, developers and artists, who are really passionate about making games. Offering an extremely friendly and very flexible working environment.
Our office is an open-plan layout so the entire development team is in one big space where everyone is easily accessible.


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UPDATE – Monday July 9th.

I just received further details about Tryst, which is due to be released for PC within the next 4-6 weeks; putting availability near the end of August to the beginning of September. No definite date has been set.
The Linux and Mac release will follow, hopefully with a Closed Beta. Details have yet to be released as Bluegiant are keeping the information under their hat for now.

During the recent email exchange, I also confirmed a multiplayer game type, supporting up to 8 players. Making Tryst a challenging yet dynamic gaming experience.
Suggested retail price may be set somewhere between $19.99 to $29.99.

Many thanks to Vinny Reddy for the help and support.

Todd B..
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