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Tsuro – The Game of The Path board game out now

tsuro – the game of the path board game releases in linux gaming mac and windows pc

Tsuro – The Game of The Path board game releases in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Thunderbox Entertainment. Available now on Steam with definite Positive reviews.

Thanks to award winning board game specialists, Thunderbox Entertainment. They are finally releasing their flagship title, Tsuro – The Game of The Path. Which also launches with day one Linux support.

The premise of the original board game is simple. Place your tile, move your stone, and stay on the board. Where things also get tricky is that the other players will be doing the same thing. And could certainly send you over the edge in the process.
The relaxing, path building gameplay is like a holiday for your mind. Since the game features a crafty AI to play against. You’ll find it strategic enough to give your little grey cells a good work out. With just enough challenge to tickle your brain without working up a sweat.

Tsuro – The Game of The Path – Classic Mode vs. AI

All the features of the original mobile version are there. Including the exciting new Fuse Mode, where you have to build your path quickly. So you can avoid your stone getting blown up. And, of course, the graphics have been completely overhauled. Taking advantage of your computer’s extra power. Models and textures have all been reworked in stunning high definition. Including fancy effects like volumetric lighting illuminating the desert mist. Taking Tsuro – The Game of The Path’s Zen tranquillity to the next level.

There’s also cross-platform multiplayer. So you can do battle against your friends on the mobile and VR versions of the game.

Tsuro – The Game of The Path is launching as part of the Steam Digital Tabletop Fest this week. Fan can join the folks from Calliope and Thunderbox. Which also includes a fascinating dive into the world of Gateway Games. Those simple, yet deep experiences that get people hooked on the hobby of board gaming.

Tsuro – The Game of The Path board game releases with Positive reviews. Available in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC. Also priced at $9.99 USD / €7.99 / £6.99 on Steam.

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