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Turbo Sloths racing starts crowdfunding

turbo sloths combat racing game starts funding on indiegogo for linux and windows pc

Turbo Sloths combat racing game starts funding on Indiegogo for Linux and Windows PC. Due to the mayhem and creative efforts of developer RainStyle games. You can check out and support the crowdfunding campaign now.

Turbo Sloths is a new combat racing game by RainStyle. Where your primary objective is to use a powerful turbine to make your multi-ton, clumsy truck become very fast. While offering unique settings similar to cars, weapons, and handling. A whole new concept of racing vehicles loaded with weaponry. Due to spice it up with a familiar handling system seen in good old NFS games.

The Turbo Sloths story mode unfolds into roughly 8 hours of gameplay. The Indiegogo campaign is due to level up the story mode even further. So you get to meet more of the heroes and villains of Turia. Build your very own Turbojunk vehicle and upgrade parts for it. Letting buy and sell them as well as visually customize your monster. Not to mention being able to play on Linux and Windows PC.

So, we used UE4 and yes we are planning to make a Linux version.

Looking at that the gameplay trailer below, the use of Unreal Engine 4 is obvious. However, it’s also a pleasure to see that RainStyle Games are also planning a Linux version. There is an arcade feel with plenty of potential here.

A great choice if you want to spend an evening competing against your friends in the split screen mode.
Of course, there’s also an option for those of you, who don’t favor story modes at all, and simply want to ride and enjoy the diverse and gorgeous landscapes Turia can boast of.

Turbo Sloths – Laps mode – gameplay test

Turbo Sloths offers both classical racing modes. Due to sprint, lap race, flat-out, and something completely new. Like a destruction derby against robots, and of course Bosses. Since the bosses in the game can be split into two categories. These offer unique opponents you compete against in races. Plus huge deadly machines that can ruin you in seconds. But you have a vast variety of weapons and other technical means. So make sure to use rockets, mines, a machine gun, and a shield. Due to give you an advantage, maybe even dominance on the track.

Turbo Sloths also cranks up the ‘nitrous oxide’, making it work in a whole new way for a racing game. Since the racing track is full of obstacles. Due to include flammable barrels, robots of different kinds, traps, and turrets.

The weather will dynamically change, so you can race against thugs after nightfall. Taking part in official League races, as well as under pouring rain and in searing heat.

RainStyle has come up with their own physical model for vehicles. Doing their best to make the mechanics as friendly as possible for skilled and amateurs alike. Along with a variety of diverse tracks with straight sections to feel the speed. Along with more curvy sections for more skillful Turbo Sloths racers. Tracks vary in difficulty, with sharp turns, elevations, and turn-offs.

If you favour the old-school racing games, and yet are open to a new combat racing, Turbo Sloths might be your ideal. Since the developer is trying to push the boundaries of the genre by adding something new. Which is due to make its way onto Linux as well as Windows PC. You can support the Q4 2022 release via the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. And also Wishlist the game on Steam.