Turn-based 2D combat coming in SteamWorld Heist

The creators of SteamWorld Dig have #revealed its follow-up, swapping #platformer action through procedurally generated caverns for turn-based 2D combat.

SteamWorld Heist lets players build up a squad of robots and go privateering across the galaxy searching for bounty. Once they find a suitable target, the bots send over a raiding party to take down its crew in sidescrolling tactical battles.

Its predecessor, SteamWorld Dig, first released on 3DS eShop in August 2013. It then made its way to Linux, Mac and Windows PC in December, and off to PS4 and Vita in March 2014. Swedish studio Image & Form plans to complete the circle by releasing it on Wii U this autumn.

Image & Form said on its official FAQ that it wanted to “to follow SteamWorld Dig with a great surprise. Would’ve been too obvious – and too predictable – to follow up with a sequel, like some genre-stuck debut artist.”

SteamWorld Heist will release “some time in spring 2015” on “all platforms”, though Image & Form is still deliberating over which to release on first.

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