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Turn Your PC Into a Golden Age of Console Gaming Time Machine

You didn’t sell all your Genesis and Super Nintendo cartridges at a garage sale did you? You did?! What were you thinking? Well, go hunt those customers down and steal your games back- the Retrode 2 is on the way. This little magic wonder connects to your PC (or Mac or Linux box, but probably not your Commodore 64), allowing you to plug in your 16-bit cartridges and system controllers, two from each system, for an authentic console Golden Age experience.

What’s that you say? You’ve already “acquired” some games from a “friend?” You’ve been playing them already?

You can still take advantage of the Retrode 2′s built-in emulator and gamepad support to play those games the way they were intended, just on your PC instead of a tiny TV in your parents’ house. Regardless of which method you use, the Retrode 2 box serves as a driverless emulator that works on any operating system. Not that we encourage that type of thing here at RipTen.

You’ll be able to pick up the tiny black box this month for the reasonable price of $89.99 from Everdrive in Germany and Stone Age Gamer in the United States.

Finally, you’ll be able to answer the greatest question of them all, “Which 16-bit X-Men game was the best?”

Hint: it wasn’t Arcade’s Revenge