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Twilight Struggle now coming to PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, Vita, Xbox One, Android, iOS

Twilight Struggle now coming to Linux Mac and Windows PC

War can get complicated – so can keeping track of all the involved pieces of a tabletop counterpart, such as the multi-decade #warzone featured in Twilight Struggle. Convenience awaits though, as GMT Games has roared past its $50,000 base funding goal on #Kickstarter. With the $151,496 collected at the time of this writing, Twilight Struggle will now reach PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, Vita, Xbox One, Android, iOS and Windows tablets.

Twilight Struggle follows conflicts between the Soviet Union and the United States, letting two players attempt to spread the influence of either side throughout the world. Events from history come into play through Twilight Struggle‘s deck of cards, with each player attempting to earn points while also doing their best to keep a nuclear war from breaking out.

A “What If?” expansion is also in development, which pitches alternate-dimension scenarios of previous historical events – Twilight Struggle‘s Kickstarter page offers an example of Western forces reaching Berlin first, or Churchill’s Tories being re-elected in 1945. This extra helping of content is available for backers that pledge $15 or more with Kickstarter-exclusive artwork, but it will also be offered after the game’s launch if you’d rather hold your money until the game is finished.

Twilight Struggle‘s Kickstarter page estimates the digital adaptation’s completion around February 2015, but it’s fair to consider the date was likely considered before the team crossed the stretch goals for console versions. 26 days remain in Twilight Struggle‘s Kickstarter campaign, with a $175,000 stretch goal left to fund an optional Space Race Track expansion, which an update explains will involve “changing the stakes in the race to the Moon and giving players a new way to mastermind great plays.”

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