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TwinCop co op twin stick shooter support update

twincop co op twin stick shooter support update in linux mac windows pc games

TwinCop co op twin stick shooter games coming to Mac and Windows PC, but we have a Linux support update. Thanks to the team at Finite Reflection Studios. Who are also psyched to announce the May 10th release on Steam.

So we reached out to Finite Reflection Studios to confirm support. The developer has further plans for TwinCop. They also explain the game and when we can expect a native release.

Linux Support Plan:

“My current goal is to confirm a QA resource who can test on Linux. And ensure that TwinCop runs smoothly and without issues. We are currently very busy on ensuring Mac and PC have the best quality release possible. But have not had the resources yet to start testing on Linux.

We are developing with Unity. So that should make porting it to Linux relatively easy! As soon as I am able to either set up a linux testing environment myself. Or find a resource to test on Linux for us. We should be able to give a more certain answer. I hope this information helps, and I hope to be able to provide TwinCop to the linux audience as soon as possible!”

TwinCop Launch Date Trailer (Mac and Windows, then Linux)

TwinCop follows two cops that almost died. Doing so in a pontoon boat accident. Only to be saved by being fused together. Now being sharing 1 full body. These two cops must work in sync with one another to survive.
What truly happened with that pontoon boat accident? Who is funding the war on the Twin Cities streets? What does the PopTop Corporation (creators of the delicious and healthy PopTop Drink) have to do with any of this?

TwinCop co op twin stick shooter is available to Wishlist. Launching May 10th for Mac and Windows PC. The games also coming to Linux, but no release as of yet.