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‘Twisted Metal,’ ‘God of War’ creator joins indie studio; new game announced


Twisted Metal” and “God of War” creator David Jaffe is taking a step back from AAA game development and embracing a smaller scope with his next project, according to a report Thursday from Gamespot.

Jaffe, who left Eat Sleep Play — a Sony first party studio he helped found — last year, has now joined independent game studio Pixelbionic as part of the company’s advisory board. He will serve as a creative advisor for the company’s first title — a vehicle car combat game, “Autoduel.”

Obviously, if there’s anyone in the industry that knows anything about car combat, it’s Jaffe, who helped establish Sony’s dominance in the console space in the 90s with the “Twisted Metal” series on the Playstation. He helped resurrect the series in 2012, but the title was met with critical and sales apathy.

With a smaller budget and a tighter focus, “Autoduel” will pay homage to classic car games like “Interstate ‘76.” The PC online multiplayer game will combine “high-octane thrills and spills of a team-based car combat with RPG-influenced persistence and progression.”

The new title is set in a post-apocalyptic world where warriors “drive to survive” in armored vehicles scavenged from the cursed Earth.

The studio will fund the game through favorite crowd funding method Kickstarter. No date has been announced for the Kickstarter campaign, but Pixelbionic said it will launch “soon.”

From Linux Gaming Consortium:

With a Kickstarter campaign on the way and a relatively new Indie Game studio, it looks like we could see Linux support. Americas Army had native platform support and Return to Castle Wolfenstein which still does support Linux, are two of the game listed on the Pixelbionic website.

So it’s likely that further progress from a company with a bevvy of solid AAA game titles in their history will make the jump to cross-platform gaming.

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