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Two Point Campus reveals a Spy School course

two point campus game reveals a spy school course for linux mac windows pc

Two Point Campus game reveals a Spy School course for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Further highlighting the work and effort of developer Two Point Studios. Due to make its way onto Steam and Humble Store this summer.

Don your trench coat and shades and grab your jetpack. Two Point Campus shows off its latest course reveal: Spy School! You’ll train your agents in the art of drone flying, target practice, and obstacle courses filled with crocodiles and lasers. Thankfully, no one’s taught the crocodiles to use lasers.

The catch? You’ll also have to sniff out Two Point County’s enemies. Rival agents have figured out they can sneak into campus by enrolling as students Two Point Campus. Thanks to Spy School, students can learn how to fix that. Watch out for shady classmates and expel them before they can uncover the county’s darkest secrets.

You can check out everything spy school has to offer in our latest course reveal video. Hopefully, it won’t self-destruct.

Course Reveal: Spy School | Two Point Campus

Since you can build the university of your dreams with Two Point Campus. Which is due to make its way onto Linux (SteamDB), as well as Mac and Windows PC. The sim certainly offers a twist thanks to the makers of Two Point Hospital. Build, hire staff, and run an academic institute packed with wild courses, like Spy School.
Rather than typical academic fare, students in Two Point County enjoy a range of wild and wonderful courses: from Knight School (hey, we all have to learn jousting at some point in our lives), to the salivatory Gastronomy, where your students will build mouth-watering concoctions like giant pizzas and enormous pies.

Two Point Campus Spy School is just part of the charming management sim. Since you’ll be able to create the university of your dreams, shape the lives of your students, and manage everything in between. Due to arrive on Steam and Humble Store on August 9th, 2022. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. So Wishlist the game or pre-order, the choice is yours. Priced at $39.99 USD / £34.99 / 39,99€.

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