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Two Point Campus to get Medical School

two point campus: medical school game expansion announced for linux mac windows pc

Two Point Campus: Medical School game expansion announced for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative minds at Two Point Studios. Due to make its way onto Steam this month.

Let’s take a journey through the dynamic world of Two Point Campus: Medical School. The new game expansion for Linux that will put you on an adventure you won’t forget.

You’re about to enter an amazing universe where health and hijinks collide in Two Point Campus: Medical School. As a newcomer, you’ll team up with Vitality Johnson, a wandering paramedic who’s a pro at take on a range of health challenges. You’ll journey with him across Two Point County, helping citizens recover from all sorts of illnesses. Trust me, they’re relying on you, even if your white coat is more for show than for expertise right now.

Your Two Point Campus odyssey will span three breathtaking locations. While at Lake Tumble, you’ll open a med-campus to aid travelers stricken by its dangerously scenic conditions. Due to become a beacon of health in an area once considered lost.

Molten Rock. This place is heated – and I don’t just mean the weather. Keep one eye on the local volcano, and the other on making sure the island folks receive the top-notch care they need. Your efforts here could outshine the past care provided by our friend Vitality. Or the bizarre pirate healthcare system you might expect in Two Point Campus.

Finally, brace yourself for the frigid beauty of the Pointy Mountains. Despite the challenges, your mission is to build a campus to help the folks (and Yetis!) who call this icy region home. Hey, if Vitality can tackle it, so can you.

Two Point Campus: Medical School | Coming 17th August

Now, let’s talk about courses in Two Point Campus. Med School, for starters, will have you learn while doing – no more boring textbooks, only exciting hands-on work. Also, you’ll experience the heart of healthcare as a nurse. Being the glue that holds everything together in the face of unpredictable odds.

And the treatments! You’re not just doling out band-aids in Two Point Campus. From facial refreshments in the Head Clinic to empathetic listening in Psychiatry, you’ll also take on a whole array of remedies. Surgery and Injection Room are for the daring among you – shortcuts to health and needle-moving, literally. Need a stronger approach? Thumping Therapy has you covered. And of course, the classic Ward – sometimes, all you need is some good rest.

Now, things can get messy in Two Point Campus. Since fires may break out, ghosts may need capturing, and emergencies can occur at any time. And yes, helicopters are a thing. They’ll be bringing patients, so make sure your campus layout includes enough helipads.

Your journey of becoming the unsung hero in a place full of wacky ailments, unexpected challenges, and memorable moments. With three new locations to explore, two action-packed courses, and a whole range of treatment rooms and illnesses, it’s a journey you don’t want to miss. So, grab your white coat and pre-order Two Point Campus game expansion on Steam. Priced at $8.99 USD / £7.19 / 8,99€ with the 10% discount. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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