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Two Point Hospital gameplay details reveal

two point hospital management simulation gameplay details reveal linux mac windows

Two Point Hospital now has a gameplay reveal on Windows, but Linux? Well the game SteamDB page still shows Linux, Mac and Windows support. While the Steam page only shows Windows. So the odds are looking up that we will get support.

That being said, if you ever wonder about the inside of Two Point Hospital ? Well Mark Webley and Ben Hymers, two out of the three co-founders at Two Point Studios. Both are now unveil more details. So what has previously been only a patient/doctor level access. That confidentiality breach is available in this exclusive gameplay reveal, here:

Two Point Hospital – gameplay reveal (Windows, and hopefully Linux)

So we can now marvel as the hospital springs up before your very eyes. With emergent-cy gameplay there for all to see. You now have an idea of patient flow through the hospital. Also how your soon-to-be multi-million dollar healthcare facility will evolve. Happening over time with the introduction of diagnosis rooms. The hi-tech treatment areas for all manner of wacky illnesses. And a wide-ranging cast of ‘characters’. This is most interesting. Sort of like Cities: Skylines meets Dungeons 3 to be honest.

The contruction aspect of the simulator really resembles that of Dungeons 3. Simply due to the style of the layout. But no snots are involved in the construction thankfully. And I really like how you don’t have to keep to any particular room shape. So you can be as openly creative as you want. Which is essential to creating a functional hospital.

If you like what you see, head on over to and sign up for the Hospital Pass. Since you can receive exclusive access to behind the scenes videos. These will release before anyone else. Along with a free in-game item at launch. The release date is not confirmed yet. As are the support platforms. Be we know Windows for sure, but Linux and Mac seem to be in the works. Although not 100% confirmed, yet.

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