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Two Point Hospital new Sandbox: Freeplay

two point hospital new sandbox freeplay on linux mac windows

Two Point Hospital gives its players total freedom with the new Sandbox: Freeplay update on Linux, Mac and Windows. Which is also making a debut at TwitchCon, with more to come.

Spooky mode to also make a temporary ghost-appearance on Linux, Mac, Windows and Ouija board.

Since you are into the sand-swept lands of another game. But Two Point Studios have a sand-filled (ahem) announcement of our own. Sandbox: Freeplay is making a TwitchCon debut in Two Point Hospital, and will get a public release this week.

Initially adding the ability to tweak hospitals in a range of ways. Rename, unlock every option, and get the Kudosh rolling in, if you’re so inclined. “Sandbox: Freeplay” is the first in a line of planned Sandbox updates for Two Point Hospital. While the studio looks to the community to help shape this feature with their feedback.

If you’ve been bitten by the Halloween-craze bug, we have the perfect prescription for the next week. Two Point Hospital: Spooooooky Mode includes cases of Frightheadedness, a spooooooky soundtrack and more to enjoy while you eat all the sweets you were definitely going to hand out to the neighbourhood kids trick-or-treating. To celebrate, Two Point Studios have just released a new feature-tastic gameplay.

Two Point Hospital Live Stream (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Since its release in August, Two Point Hospital has seen over a billion patients cured …and only 150 million callously allowed to die, but we won’t mention those. With such an engaged community, Two Point Studios have taken feedback on board to add new features, such as copy-paste room layouts (for a quick cure to the queues outside your GP’s office) and full staff and patient customisation, and are looking to collaborate with players to shape future updates.

In Two Point Hospital, the competition for the top healthcare provider in Two Point County is fierce. To become the best Hospital Administrator, players will have to prove themselves in a diverse assortment of hospital management challenges. Design your hospitals, train and manage staff with their own… unique personalities, and research treatments for very normal illnesses such as Mock Star, Jest Infection or Cubism.

Two Point Hospital is available on Steam, Humble Store and from SEGA approved digital retailers, priced at $34.99 USD. For more information about all things Two Point Hospital sign up for the Hospital Pass newsletter at Where you will receive the coveted in-game item, the Golden Toilet.
You can also follow the game’s progress on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.